Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

    “We’re not going no further till we’ve had a breather,” One of the orcs protested aloud. I opened my eyes as closing them somehow eased the pain of my aching hip and my sore wrists. The orc carrying me was panting heavily and he seemed to be out of breath.

    “Get a fire going,” The main orc gave in. Some orcs ran over the edge of the fire and begun to chop at the roots of trees. The orc that was carrying me dropped me hard on the floor and left me on my own so he could help the others. I gasped for breath and wriggled over to an already chopped down tree and learnt against that. It felt a relief to be in a different position than on the back of an orc. I looked down at my leg but the belt had only a short term affect the wound started to bleed again.

     I looked away from my wound and back to the way we were heading. I really wished they were still coming for us, Aragorn and that. I had gotten my hopes up but now they were weakening along with my body. I had gotten more tired and more agitated.

    My gaze shifted to the Hobbits and they both were on the floor. I shifted over to them but I fell to the floor before I could get within a close range. But there was a strange sound that I could here. Some sort of language but it sounded like a wooded material. And then I thought. The trees.

     “I’m starving; we ain’t ‘ad ‘nothin but maggoty bread for three ‘stinkin days!” one of them said aloud in a strop. I looked over at him and saw how hungry they all actually were. Some were drooling at the mouth and looked like they would eat each other because they were all that hungry.

    “Yeah. Why can’t we have some meat?” One of the smaller orcs, or orc maggot as the others called him, said. He looked around and then hi eyes fell on Merry and Pippin. My heart thumped hard and a lump grew in my throat. “What about them? They’re fresh,” he said, liking his lips.

     “Don’t touch them!” I spat from on the floor. The orc who had been talking turned to look at me and looked even hungrier. I was not afraid for my own life but of the Hobbits.

      “They are not for eating,” The leader boomed walking away from the forest and towards the spoken orc. One orc grabbed the Hobbits and lifted them up and behind the leader. Another once came up behind me and held me up by my platted ponytail that had fallen down from the bun I had it first in. I let out a little cry as pulling my hair was not the best thing to do. I kicked out at the orc so instead; he grabbed me around the front of the neck and brought me close to the Hobbits. At least I was closer.

    “What about their legs? They don’t need those. Ooh…They look tasty!” He repeated hungrily. His stomach moved him forward but the leader, Ugluk, pushed him back and drew his sword.

     “Alive?” He questioned. He looked around the leader and at Merry and Pippin who looked completely petrified. “Why Alive? Do they give good sport? And her? What about her?” he questioned again. This time he goggled at me and I could see it in his eyes he would love a bite of me.

     “The Halflings have something. An Elvish weapon. The master wants it for the war. And her. The master wants to use her as bate. Where she is, the ranger will go to get her, and when he does…” He answered. He glanced at me, and an evil smile crossed his dirty face.

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