19. His sincere smile

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Se Young's POV

*Next morning*

The warm sunlight greeted me when I opened my eyes. The sound of birds singing made me woke up by myself without any alarm. After I cleaned myself, I got out of the guest room and prepared for breakfast

Yeah....I slept in the guest room last night while Jungkook was in the main bed room

I just made some sandwiches and coffee. I heard one of the doors was opened and the footsteps coming towards me. "What's for breakfast?", he asked

"Sandwiches", I replied shortly. We silently ate the breakfast and I washed the dishes. I saw him sitting on the sofa and switching the channels on TV after having breakfast.

I went near him, asking about what we were going to do today, "What are we gonna do today?", I asked. "I don't know", he answered, still his eyes stuck on TV.

I sighed, and snatched the remote from his hand to get his attention. "I am still here, Mr. Arrogant. Are you thinking of stucking here the whole day without visiting anywhere?", I asked

He just looked at me with blank eyes and "You told me that you had been to Jeju many times, hadn't you? Then, do you still need to visit somewhere? You might have already been to all places", he replied

"Tsk... Who chose Jeju in the first place just because he had never been? Come on!! You told me that you had never been here and you just want to stuck at home without going anywhere? That's stupid. Change your clothes and I'll see you here in 10 minutes", I commanded

"But__", I cut him off, "No more buts, make it worth, okay? Why are you so bored to get out of this house? It would be more fun than sticking at house. Believe me", I convinced. "Aish... Fine", he got up and went into the room

*Fast Forward*

"Come on!!", I pulled him to the paragliding. "Yah, yah!! Is it okay if I don't jump?", he said in panic. "Nope! You have to paraglide, together with me. Don't worry! You'll be okay if you just jump out of that place", "I don't think I'll be okay. Let's go back", he grabbed my wrist

"Yah!! Believe me. Just close your eyes before you jump. Once you are in the air, you will feel like you're flying and independent. If you go down without paragliding, I swear, you are a hypocrite", I convinced him firmly

"Okay!! You'll stop saying those stupid things if I jump, right? So, shut up", He replied. "Okay!! I'll count 1,2,3 and let's jump", I commanded. "1!2!... 3!", we jumped

Both of us shouted until our throat hurt. He was behind me and our bodies were touching each other. I opened my eyes which were tightly shut. The view of Jungmun beach was under us and it was extremely beautiful

"Wow... Daebak!! It's so beautiful. Woohoo", I shouted. But, I didn't hear anything behind me. I felt the cold palm of Jungkook holding mine. Then, I remembered Jungkook. "Yah! Jeon Jungkook, Are you okay?", "Do I look like I am?" he told me in panic and tightly hold my hand, still shuting his eyes so tight

I looked down to our hand, and then turned my head around, "Open your eyes", I said. "No!", he insisted. "I said open your eyes. You'll be surprised what you see", I recommended. He was still silent, shutting his eyes tight

I intertwined back to his hand, which is holding mine tightly, "I am here. You can feel my hand, right? You're not the only one up in the sky. Believe me. All of your fear will be gone once you opened your eyes", I persuaded him to make him comfortable

He peeked with his one eyes slightly opened and then he was awed by what he saw. His mouth even opened when he saw the scenery under him. "Wow! This is so cool", he commented

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