10. Let's make a contract

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Jungkook's POV
*The next day*

I'll make Ha Yeon fall for me one day. I have my own way to make her fall for me, but, I have to sacrifice a little. What should I do?? I can't say this plan will be worked. What if, Ha Yeon doesn't love me back after this plan? I'll be ended up. No, no. She will. She will love me. For Ha Yeon, I can sacrifice myself. I have to. Jeon Jungkook... Fighting!

Well... Plan started. I'll phone her

Yoon Se Young's POV

The phone rang. It says 'Mr. Arrogant' . I answered. 'Yah.... Let's meet at xxx cafe. I have something to tell you', he said. ' What the...' Before I said, he hang up. What's in the world with that guy. He might be crazy. How can I stay with that crazy man, I thought. I put on a light makeup and wore a grey blouse which is tucked in with black flower petal short. I put on my jean jacket which was longer than my shorts. I tied my hair into messy bun and I wore my heels and then went to that cafe.

When I arrived, I saw him sitting while putting his leg on the other. Wow... Bossy style, I thought. I stood in front of him and said, ' Why do you call me?', he looked at me from head to toe without saying anything. I said, ' What? Why are you giving me that look', ' You looked very....' He stopped. ' What? Very?' , ' Very annoying', ' Do I have to listen your disgusting comment or sit down?', he gave me an annoying look, ' Sit down', I sat down in front of him.

Author's POV

*She looked really beautiful. But, her manners ruin it* Jungkook thought. ' The reason I called you is about our marriage. Are you going to cancel it?' Jungkook asked.' No. I accepted it'. He looked at Se Young with widen eyes, ' Really? What in the world make the stupid girl like you accept this?', ' I hate you so much and I don't want to marry you. But, I accept this because of our company. Your father said that he would help our project if I marry you', she replied

' What? I hate you, too. I hate you more than you hate me', ' Okay. Let's stop our fight. So, you are going to reject it, right?', ' What makes you think like that?', ' I know you were really angry that day. And, I can sense that you won't accept that. Also, you don't like me' , ' Do you think so?' He asked with curiosity, 'Yeah... But, accept this marriage or not, is your part. For me, I accepted this. My part is that's all. As like the promise our fathers made, I have to marry you, then our project will be saved. But, you don't want it, right? I am not going to force you or beg you to marry me. As like I said, it's your decision. Nothing concerning with me', she said.

After hearing her words, Jungkook looked at her with dumbfounded eyes. * That stupid girl is not that selfish and she has her unknown side* He thought. ' Why are you looking at me like that?' , she asked, ' Never mind. Just hearing those words from you is strange', ' Whatever. I have told you that all I want to tell , So, I am done. I am leaving', before she got up from her seat, he stopped her. ' Wait wait, I am not finished talking you, yet' , ' Then, tell me quick', ' Okay. I am going to accept this', ' Accept what?', ' Accept our marriage' , ' What the ...', he cut her off, ' For six months'

' What do you mean six months', ' You don't understand? I thought you are smart but you are really dumb', He said. 'You are telling in indirect ways. How can I understand it?', ' That's why I said you are dumb', ' I am not. That's you', ' Yah... Dumb girl. Know yourself', ' Shut up, you loser' , 'Dumb girl' , ' Yah... Shut the f**k up!!', She scolded him, 'Wah... Your rude manners appeared, Hahahaha', he laughed. ' That's it. I am leaving', when she got up, he grabbed her wrist, ' Just kidding. Why are you really grumpy?', ' You are making me like this. I hate when I was called dumb', she said

' Okay. Just sit down and listen to me. I will explain about that six months', ' Okay okay, mister, go on', she said. ' I mean we are marrying for six months. After that we will divorce', ' What??? You got to be kidding me', ' Why? That will be benefited for both of us. I mean, if you marry me, my father will help your project. So, your company will be saved. And, you hate me, right? You have to bear that only for six months. After six months, you will be free and you don't have to see me anymore', she looked at him for a few seconds with deep thoughts, she was thinking about his offer. 'What about our project after six months? Six months isn't the enough time to finish it', 'I will tell my father that our divorce is not your fault . And, I will be the heir so I can handle this. Don't worry', ' Are you sure?', she asked, ' Yes. Six months is not much. This is fine for you, isn't it?' , she was gazing at the floor for some minutes. Then, she replied. ' Okay... I accept your offer', ' Okay... So, Tomorrow 10 am wait here. I'll pick you up. We have to tell our parents that we accept the marriage ', ' Okay. See you tomorrow', she replied and he got up. ' Wait...' She stopped him. He turned back

' You said both of us will be benefited with this six months-marriage, right?', he nodded, ' But, the facts you said are only for me. There's no advantage for you at all. You have got something else, haven't you?' , he smirked, 'This time I'll call you smart. Yes. There's some reason for me. You'll know in the right time', he said like that and exited from cafe. She left there dumbfounded.

Se Young's POV
*Fast Forward*

*What is the thing he wants to hide from me* I thought while rolling on my bed. It's a bit late and I can't sleep. My mind is flooding with that marriage. A 6 months marriage?? Seriously? It's good for me though. But, for him? He said I'll know when time comes. Wait.... I should make sure of this. We can't agree this 6 months marriage like that easily before making sure. I phoned him, he answered, ' What the hell you phone me in this late time? I am nearly going to sleep. Don't you have manners???'Gosh... He is a f**king arrogant boy. I know I shouldn't phone him in this late time but he is a bit overacting

'Yah... You can sleep until you die so don't worry. Or No one in the world will disturb your sleep when you die', I said him like that, ' What the f**k that I have to die. Shut up!!' He shouted, I said nothing. After a few seconds, he said, ' Are you still there? Hello? Yah... Stupid bag' , I answered, ' What?' , ' Why are you silent?', ' You told me to shut my mouth so I shut', I said. ' Oh... Since when you listen to me?', he return my sarcasm. 'Urgh.... Forget it. I want to make sure of something so come to xxx park', ' Now?', he replied, ' Nope. Come when you die', I replied with sarcasm then hung up. Hope he will come

I walked to the park near my house and waited for him. It's really dark outside but it's a relief that there are lamp stamps. After a few minutes, he arrived. He walked to me and sat on the bench near me. ' What is very important in the world for you to disturb my beauty sleep?' He started our fight. ' Haha... Beauty sleep? Sorry... But I called you because I am worried that you will drift into your ugly sleep' I said, ' Oh... That's so nice of you. Thank you so much that I burst into tears' he said sarcastically. ' You don't have to be that sarcastic. You are a boy but you don't have any priority to the girl. What a gentleman'

' I have priorities for girls but I don't give up any words on you as I don't see you as a girl' , he replied. ' I don't see you as a boy or a man, too so don't worry', I said. ' Let's stop our meaningless fight. Why do you call me?', he said. ' Well... About the 6 months marriage', ' We have already talked about it today. You accepted it and what's the problem?', ' Let's be serious', 'What do you mean?' He asked confusedly. ' I mean we can't make this deal so easily. You know... We only promised with our words without evidence' I replied. 'So, what? It's the promise between us. Do we need like that?', 'Maybe... Like making this more serious', ' How?' , he asked me.... I thought for a while. After a few seconds I answered, 'Making a contract'

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