31. Creul Reality

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Author's POV

*After two days*

Jungkook sat in worry, benting his waist and his head resting on his forearm, and almost touching his knees. His hands were intertwined to each other, and eyes glued to the knees though he was spacing out with many thoughts wandering in his head

Is he will be alright?
What if, he fell into a coma?
Shall I really have to do it with my hands?

He had so many questions in his head, and the questions depend on Mr. Jeon's operation result

And, yes, today is the day of Mr. Jeon's operation

Jungkook was sitting in front of the operation room, not uttering a word
There were all 6 friends of his, accompanying Jungkook in order to cool him down and gave him some energy
And, the opposite chair was seated by Se Young and Jungkook's mother

Se Young was studying the boy, who was looking down, and patiently waiting for his dad to come out of the surgery room

All the boys were stealing a glance at Jungkook, checking him all the time although they were talking to each other

Jungkook finally got his head up, and gazed at his mother, who was wearing tired eyes

"Omma", he called and walked near her

Mrs. Jeon was crying all the time, she didn't sleep last night, watching her husband and praying hard that he would be okay

"Go back to appa room and sleep, you haven't slept yet", he said, sitting beside his mother

"No, I'm staying here until he comes out", she replied

"Omma, you're getting weaker, appa is also not feeling well and you want me to watch both of my parents hospitalized?", he said, holding her hands which were resting on her lap

"Geurae-yo, Imo (Aunt), we're here with him too. Don't worry", Jin intercepted

Mrs. Jeon was looking at the boys, and Jungkook and he nodded in assure

"Ameonim, I'll stay with you", Se Young smiled to Mrs. Jeon and she helped her got up from the seat, accompanying her back to the room


"Se Young-ah", Mrs. Jeon shook her

Se Young got her head up, which was resting on the bed that Mrs. Jeon was lying

She fell asleep, with her head on the bed and her body on the chair near the bed

She was so tired and she also wasn't able to sleep last night, she couldn't when she was really anxious for Jungkook

"Go sleep on the couch, you don't feel comfortable", Mrs. Jeon said

"Gwenchana-yo, Ameonim. You should rest now", she replied, holding Mrs. Jeon's hand

"I will, don't worry and just sleep, you look sleepy", Mrs. Jeon caressed her hair

Se Young nodded, she couldn't pretend anymore. It's so obvious that she was sleepy

"Se Young-ah", Mrs. Jeon called her name again, which made her stopped halfway towards the couch and approached back to the bed

Mrs. Jeon caressed the back of Se Young's hand, "I've always considered you like my daughter"

"You always take care of me and I am always grateful that you reunited the Jeon family, Gomawo daughter", she smiled weakly

"I felt like I got another Jung Ah in my life", Se Young was deeply moved by those words and her eyes began to tear up, both by guilt and joy

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