8. The marriage??!!

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Se Young's POV

*The next day before dinner*
I wore a blue ocean dress and put some makeup. I curled my hair and then wore high heels with blue lace. All the things I wore was blue as my favorite color is blue and I think I really suit blue. Dad told me to wear something beautiful, I don't know why. Maybe it's important as with the chairman's family. I went downstairs and mom said, ' Se young, you are so beautiful', and hugged me, dad looked at me with some kind of emotional feeling. I don't understand. I am feeling like something strange gonna happen. But, I ignored it and just smiled to them
*Fast Forward*

*At restaurant*
The restaurant was classy and it might be really expensive. Then, we entered into the VIP room. I saw two people sitting and my mom and dad greeted them warmly. The chairman looked at me curiously and dad introduced me to the chairman, ' Mr. Jeon, this is my daughter, Se Young', I bowed him, 'Nice to meet you, Mr. Jeon, I am Yoon Se Young', 'Your daughter is really beautiful Mr. Yoon, more beautiful than in a photo', he said, *Photo? What photo?* I looked at them with confusion. Mr. Jeon looked at me and said to dad, 'You haven't told her,yet?' , 'Yes, Mr. Jeon, I don't know how to tell her so I haven't told her yet', 'It's okay. We can tell her when our son arrives', I looked at them with curiosity and said, 'Excuse me, can I know what you are talking about?', 'We'll tell you later, my dear. Don't worry', Mr. Jeon said.
I want to go to the restroom so I told them and leave the VIP room. In the restroom, I thought what they were talking about and I was really confused. I exited the restroom and walked to VIP room. On the way, I saw someone that looked like I know his face. He noticed me and he looked at me with I-have-seen-her face. He then remembered me and called me, 'Stupid bag?', Oh... Gosh. I know him now. He is Jeon Jungkook
'Mr. Arrogant??', he looked at me with digusting face, 'What are you doing here?' , 'None of your business', 'Who said that I want to know,too?', 'You said. You asked me first', 'Okay. Leave it. The arrogant girl like you is nothing interesting', 'Arrogant? The one arrogant is you. You threw the bag and the money to me and called me low-standard, you are the one arrogant and the one who does not know how to say thanks', 'What? Forget it. I will bear as you are a girl and I am a gentleman', 'Gentleman?', I laughed, ' If you are a gentleman, the whole world will become a gentleman', I looked at him with disgusting face then leave him
But, he followed me. I turned back and looked at him with -_- look and asked him, 'Why are you following me?' , 'I am not. I am just going to my room' , 'Such a good reason', I said to him and go to the VIP room. When I was in front of the door, he was still behind me. 'Why are you standing here?', 'I am going to my room, I told you before. How many times do I have to tell you?', 'Wait! The room you are going is this room?' , I pointed to my room, 'Yes. Why?', I looked at him confusedly, He said, ' Move. You are prolonging, Why are you standing in front of the room?', he entered the room first, and then, I entered the room with various thoughts. Then, Mr. Jeon introduced me, 'Se Young, this is my son, Jeon Jungkook', I pretend like I don't know him and looked at him with fake smile, 'Nice to meet you', he also pretended like he doesn't know me, 'Nice to meet you,too',
Then,Mr. Jeon interjected us, 'Today, the reason the two family meet is to talk about the marriage between Jungkook and Seyoung', 'What???', we both shouted with widened-eyes. 'You two are going to marry after 2 weeks', '2 weeks? I don't even know all of this', I told them with a bit angry manner, ' Dad, what are you supposed to doing?', Jeon Jungkook asked his dad with madness. His dad replied, 'Sorry for not telling you. I was planning this since I heard that Mr.Yoon had a daughter, and then he showed me Se Young's photo and I thought she would be perfect for Jungkook. So, I planned this', he explained. Jungkook looked really angry than me and he didn't show it because there is my dad and mom. Both of us ate our dinner silently while our parents are talking about their works and our marriage.
After dinner, we went back home. On the way, I talked nothing and just staring outside of the car. When we arrived home, I stormed-off into the house and went upstairs. I entered my room and locked the door as I don't want to talk with my parents. I still don't get the situation and I will talk about this when I am calm. But, tonight, enough! I don't want to think about this so I just went to sleep

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