23. Go Eun Hee

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Author's POV

*The next day*

Se Young came out of her room, still not recovered yet. Jungkook saw her, "Uh? Are you fine now?", he asked. "I guess", she said

"Where are you going?", "Are you planning to go to work?", he asked, being surprised by the girl's hard working manner. "Yeah... Why?", she replied. "Seriously?", "Se Young-a, you still looked pale", "Gwenchana. I'm fine now", she smiled weakly and started preparing for breakfast

"Ani", he came near her and rest his palm on her forehead. "Your temperature is still warm. Don't go. You should rest today", he said. "I have works to do", she ignored his words

"Aish... This stubborn girl", "Andwaegaeso (there's no way)", he said. He grabbed both of her hands to stop preparing food.

"Mwoh ya", she said. "Jinjja, I am totally fine. I have important things to do", she was annoyed. He didn't say anything instead carried her in bridal style, causing her to struggle in his embrace

"Yah! Put me down. Yah!", she yelled. He placed her on a couch but he suddenly stumbled the carpet and fell onto the couch together with her which made them felt uneasy by the situation

Jungkook ended up above Se Young, with their bodies touching to each other. And, their faces were like three inches apart. Se Young cleared her throat to avoid the awkward atmosphere and looked away from him. "Yah! Get off", she pushed him but he didn't even budge

"I'll get off if you don't go to work", he smiled in a teasingly way. "What the hell are you doing!", she shouted. "I'm not doing anything if you stay at home", he smirked

"Yah! Move!", instead he made the distance between them closer which caused Se Young to gulp. She could feel his breath near her jawline. "Y-y-yah, I'm gonna kick you!", she warned. "Then, I'm gonna kiss you", he fought back

"You rascal", she slapped his arm continuously. He caught her palms, "Wait! Aww....You wore the ring?" she blushed and didn't answer him back. He smiled delightfully when he saw the ring. "Blushing, huh?", he teased her. "Aish! That's enough. I will stay home so get off you bastard!", she changed the subject

He moved back when she agreed to rest and grinned. "Great", "Now, sit here. I'll prepare you breakfast", he said

"Says the person who can't even differentiate between sugar and salt", she mocked. "At least I could make sandwich, honey", he boasted. "Geurae. I'll see I could eat it", she provoked teasingly


The boy looked at the girl cautiously and waiting for her response. She was chewing the food, saying nothing. The boy was patiently waiting for her to talk but she didn't

"You're not going to say something? You should say something when you eat the food make by other", he said impatiently. "Ahh", she giggled. "Hmm... Not delicious", "But, I can eat it", she said. "Pheww... What a relief. I thought it would turn out bad", he said and started eating the food

She smiled at the words he said and she was happy that he was back to the Jungkook she witnessed at Jeju. The more she see him, the more she wanted to know him. Even though they've been married for 2 months, she didn't know much about him as they were giving cold shoulder to each other

Meanwhile Jungkook phone rang. He frowned when he saw the contact and hesitating on answering or not. "Nuguya? (Who's that?)" the girl on the opposite asked. "Uh?", "It's Ha Yeon right?", she said. He nodded reluctantly

"Answer it, don't mind me", she tried her best not to care them. "Okay", he got up from the table. He answered her call. "Yeah, Ha Yeon", he said

"Jungkook-a, I don't feel well", she said. "I think I drank too much last night and I'm having a headache in the morning"

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