Happy Birthday Jungkook! ❤️

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Happy Birthday Jungkook!! Today is his birthday and we, A.R.M.Y wish him to stay happily and healthily. We wish him to have a wonderful birthday and stay strong in his idol life. Like his motto, I wish him to feel more passions in his life

❤️❤️❤️❤️ He is 18 today (international age). When he debuted, he's such a cute and shy boy. I remembered.. When he was in 'No More Dream', he was small, young, shy and cute. He showed us his childish and shy side

Now, 2 year passes and he becomes more manly, handsome and grows taller. Not a shy boy anymore but a confident and active boy who can dance really well, sing really well and talks more than before. I am really glad that I am being Jungkook stan and A.R.M.Y really proud of him

Thanks Jungkook for being with us for 2 years. I really appreciate that he shows the others sides of him more than before. If you compare 'No More Dream' and their latest mv 'Dope', you'll see so many differences. The small, shy, cute Jungkook to manly, handsome, unique Jungkook. He grew so fast, didn't he?

He never fails to amaze his fans and never make his fans disappointed. Also, Being with BTS for 2 years is such a short time. Thanks, BTS for loving A.R.M.Y. We, A.R.M.Y will always support to BTS whatever the situation is. Stay strong and have a wonderful birthday, Jungkook! Fighting!!! ❤️❤️

Author's Note

I know Jungkook would never ever see this note but I just want to show my support to A.R.M.Y. I wrote what's on my mind and I hope A.R.M.Y will understand this. Not only me, I just want to show the public that A.R.M.Y really support BTS. So, this note is not only written by me, but also come from all of the A.R.M.Ys' heart

By the way, I am not bashing to Jungkook from 2 years ago. I am just comparing how cute he was, how he grew so fast and changed a lot in front of our eyes. I really cherish the moment from his debut. I like the cute and shy Jungkook also the handsome and confident one. Whatever he is, I support him and BTS

While I was writing this birthday wish, My heart felt warm. From his debut to now, recall the moments of him. I don't know why but I feel so warm also flatter while I recalled the moments of him and BTS from their debut from now

Please bare with my English. Please understand me if there's some mistake or something you don't like. I hope I can wish the other members birthday like this and also next year to the next next next year 😊. Thanks for reading my fan fiction and this lazy author's note. Love you all ❤️

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