15. Taehyungie oppa and the infinity ring

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Se Young's POV

The time we got along was only that night. The next day, we argued like before. We bickered like a kid. I can't believe this. When did I become so childish and argue about craps?

I teased him about his friends. I teased him that he won't get along with any other people with his manner, he didn't have anyone to believe,etc. He claimed that he had friends and he brought me to them because he can't tolerate anymore with my teasings

He rang the bell. Then, a random guy came and open the door. 'Uh.. Jungkookie... You had just left, hadn't you? Why do you come back?', that guy asked. That guy then looked at me and asked, 'Who's she?'. He ignored his question and asked, 'All of you are here? I have something to talk about', he said

That guy replied, 'Yep. Come in', he then shouted, 'Hey guys!!!Jungkook brought a girl!!!', 'Yah... Low down your voice. I thought my ears got raped', he said. 'Yah? I am older than you, Kookie', he replied. 'But, you are shorter than me, Shortie', Jungkook replied while laughing

I laughed silently of what he replied. That guy caught me smiling and told, 'Owi... You look beautiful when you smile. Anyway, I am Jimin. Nice to meet you, Beautiful', he winked at me. A flirty guy?? Before I replied him, I heard so many voices like 'where? Who's she? Jinjja? Daebak!!'

There were another 4 guys coming into the living room. 'It's really a girl. I can't believe my eyes', one guy said. Why are they overacting? Of course, I am a girl. Am I a boy? 'Jungkook, explain this', another guy said. 'Introduce yourselves first', Jungkook replied.

'Okay... Nice to meet you. I am Kim Nam Joon', the tallest guy greeted me with a smile. Then, continued by the handsome guy next to him, 'I am Kim Seok Jin... The eldest. Call me Jin. Nice to meet you,anyway', he smiled at me. I smiled back. The cheerful guy greeted me informally, 'Annyeong, I am Jung Ho Seok. I don't know who you are but you are really pretty', he's smiling widely. I chuckled at his words

'Annyeong....I've already introduced myself. But, I just want to say that you are close to my ideal type, Princess', Jimin started flirting with me. 'Yah yah... Stop that. Jungkook is glaring' Ho Seok teased. 'Nice to meet you. I am Yoongi', a guy with blank face greeted me

'Annyeohaseyeol... I am Yoon Se Young', I said. 'You don't need to be formal. Treat us comfortably. By the way, are you Jungkook's girlfriend?', Jin asked me. 'Uh...I' I don't know what to answer. 'I-I am-', Jungkook cut me off. 'My fiancée'. 'Mwoh!!!', all of them shouted. 'Am I dreaming, Hyung?', Jimin said to Ho Seok. He pinched Jimin's cheek. 'Arr... It's hurt', Jimin shouted. 'Then, you are not dreaming', Ho Seok replied. I laughed how they acted so weird

'Ignore them. They are bizarre guys', Nam Joon said. He continued, 'Jungkook-ie, You didn't tell us that you are marrying', 'It's an arranged marriage by my parents, Hyung', he replied with a straight face. 'I've never thought that the maknae would be the first one to get married', Jin said. 'Anyway, congratulations you two', he continued

'Where's Taetae?' Jungkook asked. Taetae? What in the world with this strange name? All his friends are weird. Then, I heard the door bell rang. 'That must be Taetae', Ho Seok said. When the door opened, a random guy came in

But, I think I've seen him. When he came to us, I was really surprised. 'Taehyungie-oppa?', he looked up when he heard his name. 'S-Se Youngie?' Everyone looked at us confusedly

I walked fastly to him and hugged him. 'Oppa... I thought I wouldn't see you again', I said. He hugged me back tightly. 'Me,too. I missed you so much when you moved away. You didn't even contact me', he said. 'I contacted. But you changed your phone number. Anyway, I miss you so much', I said

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