13. She's my fiancée

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Jungkook's POV

I saw him waiting at the place he told me to meet him. 'Kim Jae Seok, what do you want to say?', I asked. He look at me, 'What do I want to say? Are you fucking kidding me? You know yourself', he said

'About the marriage?', I asked while smirking. 'What the fuck are you supposing to do? You've already had the girl you love. Why are you marrying her?', 'Why I am marrying her?', I was fed up. 'You want to know the reason why I am marrying her!!! Because of one person. Because he messed up all the things!', I replied with anger

'What do you mean? The one messing up is you!!! Jerk', 'The one I love doesn't love me back. But she's already had the one she loved and it's one-sided. So, I chose that bitch Yoon Se Young to marry!'. He held me by collar and tighten the grip around me... 'Don't call her like that!!! You do not have the right to bash her!', he shouted

'WHY! BECAUSE THAT BITCH IS THE ONE YOU LOVE, AM I RIGHT?!!!' He punched me. ' 'I'VE ALREADY WARNED YOU, DON'T EVER CALLED HER LIKE THAT', he said. I wiped the blood around my lips and said, 'I don't give a shit to this one. I don't care about you. I am marrying her and don't ever dare to tell her about this. If you tell her, then, I will tell her that you love her. I am sure that she will run away from you', I threatened.

'What are you trying to do? Just stop, Jungkook! You can get the one you love if you truly love her. Why are you messing around with Se Young? She's not included in this case', he said. 'You know what!!! I can't. Because she love that asshole since her youth. Don't fucking act like you care for me. Wanna know what I am trying to do? Just look forward to it. I'll make this game exciting and dramatic', I warned him and then left him alone in that place

I couldn't tell that the one I love is Ha Yeon. I can't let her pride fall because of me. I will make Yoon Se Young and Kim Jae Seok to know how hurt when we are heart broken, how much our heart painful and what is the feeling of heart being stabbed

Plan changed.... I am not going to make Ha Yeon jealous but Jae Seok... I have to make him jealous. Also, Yoon Se Young, just wait. I will make you fall for me. Then, I will break her heart. I will make all her pride fall. Just wait those selfish ones

*1 week later*

Se Young's POV

Only 1 week left. To our wedding. That arrogant Jeon Jungkook didn't even help me with the wedding matters. Am I going to marry alone? He's the bride groom. But, he didn't even fucking care of the wedding. Then, why did he tell his mom that we would do those by ourselves? Now, it's not "we" , it's only "me"

I called him, 'Yah! Jeon Jungkook!! Are you alive?', 'Speak softly. You don't have to shout out my name', he talked me on the other side. 'Are you fucking care of this wedding? Are you really gonna marrying me? Even if you hate me, you should help me with the wedding, you jerk!!'

'AISH... Why are you being aggressive in this early morning?', 'What the hell... I can't prepare for the wedding alone. If you want to hold the wedding, you should help me! If not, let's cancel this. I can't wed alone, do you know that?', I said

'Okay... Why are you always telling that let's cancel this? You want this wedding, don't you? If not, your company will be in a ditch now', 'Shut up. Stop complaining. Are you helping me or not?', 'Okay.. I will. Satisfied? What do you want me to do, Princess?', WTH... Princess? 'Yah... Why cheesy so sudden? Stop it. I can see one side of your mouth curling down' I said him with fed up manner

'Yeah.. I am slapping my mouth to say that cheesy words to whom annoy me the most. Anyway, Forget it. So, What the fuck I have to do with this wedding?', he told me. 'Just pick me up at my company this afternoon. I've already found the hall. We have to choose the costumes and also the photoshoot'

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