33. Hold her Tight

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Author's POV

Jin was smiling sheepishly behind the fluttering white bed sheets

He fixed himself with his heart was racing to face the girl in front of him

But, his smile trailed away when he finally saw who the figure belonged to

That wasn't Eun Hee

The girl shifted the sheet and stared at him with prying eyes, eager to know who he was

"Umm, May I know where Go Eun Hee is?", he asked politely

He was picturing things a while ago, as he trailed down to the backyard, definitely positive that it would be Eun Hee

But, he was totally wrong

His expectations fell and he heaved a big sigh

"Go Eun Hee-sshi?", the girl replied, and Jin was hoping that she knew where his girl was

"Ahh... She left a while ago", she replied

"Ne? W-Where did she go?"
"And how?", Jin immediately bombarded her with questions

"She said she had things to handle in Seoul", "I guess she is now at the bus stop, she need to go to the train station", the girl stated

"Gomasimida", he said and swiftly left the place, in search of Eun Hee

The girl studied at the back figure of Jin and shook her head

"Come out now, he's gone", she shouted

Eun Hee scanned the surrounding, then came out of the garage

"Unnie, Gomawo-yo", she said and took the laundry from the elder's hands

"Who is he? He looked desperate to see you", the girl bumped her shoulder with Eun Hee's

"Ani-ya, he's a friend. But, I don't want to face anyone right now so...", her voice trailed off

"So you forced me to lie him?", the girl cut her off

"Umm, Did I?", Eun Hee replied more like a question

"What if he come here again?", the girl alerted her

"He won't, you told him I went back to Seoul", Eun Hee clarified

"Arraseo, Keep working", the girl left the backyard, leaving Eun Hee alone

Eun Hee was fortunate that she saw him first before he did, because the person she want to encounter least is none other than Kim Seok Jin

While he was talking to the kid, she quickly hid in the garage, requesting another girl to lie that she's not here

She sighed in relief but she did feel sorry to lie him, but what can she do when she doesn't have enough courage to face him

Candidly, she wasn't ready to act cold

She bitterly chuckled by the thought of being a cold hearted and cruel girl

Why does she have to act tough all of the sudden?
Because, if she doesn't, she would totally fall for Jin
She didn't dare to
And, she promised Jin's mother that she won't


Se Young knocked the door, "Come in"

"Appa, did you call me?", she walked to the desk

"Uh. Hand this document to Jae Seok, quickly and safely", her dad ordered

"Wae-yo? Isn't this the contract of us and Starlight?", she replied

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