26. Protecting someone you love

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Se Young's POV

I went back home early in the morning since I wanted to see Jungkook. I prepared breakfast for him as soon as I reached home

"I am suffering from brain tumor"

"Please keep this a secret"

"I don't want them to cry because of me"

Ani... Se Young-a. You have to tell him, for his sake. If not, he would stay his whole life, full of regrets

Geurae, Se Young, You have to tell him. Even though you don't want to see him hurt, you must tell him. That's what you have to do

"Ahh!", I accidentally cut my thumb with a knife. I checked my thumb as it was stinging. Blood was coming out from the cut and I sucked my blood to make it stop

Suddenly, my hand was grabbed by another pair of hands and I felt the warm sensation around my thumb. That warm sensation belonged to no other than Jungkook. He sucked my blood and caressed my hand

"You should have been careful. Why did you make yourself hurt?", he scolded me. "Gwenchana. I can take care of myself", I struggled from his grip but failed. "If you have been careful, you wouldn't cut yourself. So, stay still", he let go of my hand and went away

After a while, he brought the medical box with him. He applied the antiseptic on my thumb which made me winced in pain. He wrapped the hand plaster, "There you go", "be careful next time", he said

How come this kind Jungkook happened things like this... He lost Jung Ah, now his dad

I nodded with unspeakable truth in my mind but he didn't seem to notice. I responded in smile, "Gomawo. Let's have breakfast"

"When did you come back last night?", he asked while eating. "Uhh... I didn't come back last night. I came back a while ago", I said. He put down the spoon and looked into my eyes, "Do you know Jae Seok love you?"

"Mwoh?", "Jae Seok loves you, that's why don't stay too close to him, don't make him misunderstand and don't care for him", he continued, "You have someone already beside you, who is me"

"Since when I become yours?", "The one beside you is not me, it's Ha Yeon, isn't it?", I said bitterly. "Geurae. I know that Jae Seok loves me. But, things are different. Now, he is hospitalized because of me. That's why I am taking care of him, that's all. Why can't you think straight?", I got up from the table and exited the house as I was disappointed by him

I don't think this is the right time to talk about his father

But, I'll let him know as soon as possible

Author's POV

"She's my girlfriend", Jin said while holding Eun Hee's hand tightly. Eun Hee didn't say anything and stay in the flow that Jin created. The unknown girl looked surprised by his action, "Haa.... This is so lame. Let it be, jerk!", she took her hand bag and bumped into Eun Hee's one shoulder, then she went outside of the cafe

"Phewww....", Jin sighed. "Aish... Why did you let go of that pretty girl? Blind dates doesn't mean you have to date that girl for real. Don't you think it's quite rude to show off a girlfriend like this in blind date?", Eun Hee said.

"Who cares... Now, Mom won't set me up on blind dates, I guess. Thanks for being my girlfriend, Eun Hee-ya", he smiled. Eun Hee was flattered when she heard the word my girlfriend. "Oops... I mean pretend girlfriend", he continued which made Eun Hee realized the real situation she was in

"Ahh... No problem. I am glad I have got something to help you even though this pretend girlfriend isn't the right way", she replied. Suddenly, she felt the pressure around her palm. When she looked down along her hand, she saw Jin's hand was still intertwined around her fingers

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