5. Meeting with first love

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Se Young's POV

The next morning, dad asked me to come along with him to the company. When we got to the conpany, dad introduced me to the directors and collegues. Then, he told me about the project he had been working. I was so excited to know about the company and glad that I will be working in my dad's company. When we were in dad's office, someone knocked the door. 'Come in', dad said, 'Annyeohaseyeol, Do you call me?', he asked, ' Oh... Jae Seok, this is my daughter, Se Young', 'Se Young, this is Jae Seok, who is really smart in work and believable man', 'Yoon Se Young???', 'Oh... Kim Jae Seok, long time no see', 'Do you know each other?' , dad said. ' We were classmates in Hanlim high', I answered, ' So, I don't need to introduce each other. I have a meeting so I can't show her around the company . Jae Seok will show you', ' Ne, appa' , I replied. Then, we exited the office

Jae Seok's POV

I can't believe that Se Young is my boss's daughter. We didn't see each other since we had graduated from high school. I heard that she went to foreign but it's been a long time so I had never imagined that I will see her again. But, now she is right in front of my eyes. And, she used to be my first love. Nobody knew about this and since she disappeared from my sight, there's no one who can make my heart flutter like she does. 'It's been a long time that we didn't see each other, right?', she started the conversation,' Yes, I can't believe that you are my boss's daughter. By the way, you look more prettier than before', ' Really?*smile*, glad to hear that. You look more handsome, too', I explained her about the company and she listened carefully. During talking to her, I smiled than before and it seems like she is not my past and still the present for me. I am not sure about this but I will make it sure

Se Young's POV

Meeting with Jae Seok is really amazing. I wonder if he had a girlfriend as he becomes so handsome that girls could fall for him. The girlfriend of him would be really lucky as he is handsome and good at work and really a gentleman. He explained me about the company carefully and he was really patient. Suddenly, the phone rang... 'Jae Seok-ka, mian' , then I picked up the phone, ' Hello, I am Jeon Jungkook. I phone you to give your bag. Where can I meet you?'.' Oh.... The bag, It's a relief that you call me. Meet me at the Starbucks in gangnam after half an hour' , 'okay' , he hung up. I told Jae Seok, ' Jae Seok-ka.... Mian. I have an appointment. Can you explain me later?', 'Oh... It's okay, I have told you most of our company matters' , ' Thanks a lot. And, I am really glad to meet you again' , ' No problem, Se young, It's my pleasure to meet you and work together, Bye' , 'Bye...' , I smiled to him and waved to him. I exited the company and went to the Starbucks... When I arrived, he was already there, waiting for me. I sat across him, ' I'm sorry that I am late' , ' Here's your stupid bag and the money you gave yesterday, he said like that and he throw the bag beside me. ' Yah!!!! You jerk. Don't you have any manners? Are you that rude and lack of politeness????' , ' Jerk? Are you dare to call me jerk? I give back your low-standard bag. But, instead of thanking me, you called me jerk?' , ' What? Low-standard? How much high-standard are you? For me, The one low-standard is a person who does not have any politeness, manners and who really thinks himself high-standard but the reality is his attitude is as priceless as garbage. So, know yourself, okay? I am leaving!!!!', I told him like that angrily and left the shop. I think he might be really mad. Whatever... I could tell him all that was in my mind and I left first so I satisfied. Good work.... Yoon Se Young!

Jungkook's POV

What??? She just told me that I am garbage and low-standard? Such a bitch! Before I replied to her, she left first. It's disgusting that people like her exist. She should have thanked me but instead she even said me low-standard. I am really angry!!! I drank a glass of water in one shot to lessen my anger and then got out of the shop. But, I bumped into someone... And, I noticed she's a girl. But, I can't see her face. I asked her if she was fine.... She said that she was fine and then, she looked up to me

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