11. Making the contract while arguing

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Author's POV

Se Young said, ' Let's make a contract', ' Contract?? Do we need that kind of silly thing?', ' It's not silly, pabo. It's just the proof of our 6 months marriage', 'We can keep our promise after 6 months. No need to make a contract', ' It's just making some rules between you and me. So, don't worry. Making the contract won't kill you', She replied

' The contract won't kill me but you can kill me with that contract, little girl', Jungkook said. ' I won't. I am just doing this because I want to believe this marriage will last 6 months and I need to make some rules between us', 'What a stupid girl. Rules? They do not work on me', Jungkook said, 'I don't care if they work on you or not, but, now, you need to follow', she said.

'Why do I need to follow? No one can force me to do something that I don't want', he said with playful look. ' No one can win against my stubbornness. I had already agree your six-months-deal. In return, you have to agree with this contract. If there is a take, there should be a give! So, Jeon Jungkook, just do what I ask you to be' she said with a grin

'It's a relief that you are a girl. If you were a boy, I would punch you in the face', He said with angry tone. ' Oh god.... What a scary man', she said sarcastically and then told him 'Punch me if you want. I am not afraid of you', she laughed and gave in her face. Jungkook deeply exhaled and said, ' I will forgive you this time but next time I will really punch you', he said.

'Oh god... Thanks for the forgiveness, your highness. I am relieved', she said and laughed sarcastically. ' What an annoying girl', he said while shaking his head. She stopped suddenly, ' Forget it. Let's get started'

She took out a paper and a pen, then sat down beside Jungkook. ' Okay. No.1 This contract lasts for 6 months. We agree that we will divorce after 6 months and Jeon Jungkook will help with the project even after this fake marriage. Agree?' she asked. 'Okay', he said. She wrote down and then took out another paper and pen, then, gave it to Jungkook.

Jungkook look at the paper and pen given to him and looked back to Se Young. ' What is this for?', he asked. She made -_- face and told him, 'Aren't you going to write down the rules you want me to follow between this 6 months?', she asked, 'Why not? Give me. It's a thing that I can defeat you. Wahahaha', he snatched them from her and laughed like the kids who won a game. She looked at him with what-the-hell look and then she mumbled, 'Am I really going to marry this idiot? Damn it'

After 5 mins
'Finished!!!' both of them shouted

Then, they exchanged their papers and Jungkook read it out first. 'No.2 Don't try to have skinship', he looked up her and said, ' For real?' , 'Yeah... Don't dare to touch me during our marriage or else I'll kick you in the ass', she said. ' I don't want to but what if people notice our fake marriage? In front of people, we can't stay without skinship', he told her while smirking. ' Urgh.... Fine fine. But, only in front of people', she replied.

'What if, I don't follow this rule?', he smirked. 'Then, Go die, Jeon Jungkook', ' Seriously? But, is this rule exclude holding hands, hugs, or....??', ' Or what?', she asked with disgust. 'Or it??', 'Yah... Pervert. Do you want to die?', she said with her hands crossed over her chest. ' I have told nothing to you. You are imagining it yourself', he laughed non-stop. 'Stop it, it's not that funny', ' It is', he replied within his laugh. ' Would you stop laughing or I would stop with this contract?', ' Okay. Okay. I'll stop laughing', he stopped his laugh but still looked at her with amusement

He continued reading, 'No.3 I am not your slave? I am your fake wife? What do you mean?', ' I won't do any of your things that you want me to do and I won't clean the house on my own or etc. As you know, I will be your fake wife, not a slave', she said. 'So, you are telling me to do the housework while you are working? Are you crazy?', he said, ' Yah... You dumb ass. I am not telling you to do the houseworks also I won't and don't try to mess me with your work, for example, telling me to bring water, or clean your room', 'It's simple. We can get housemaids'

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