27. Intentions

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Author's POV

"Aigoo... Uri Apeoji (Our dad) has so many white hair", he said while caressing Mr. Jeon's hair

He then caressed his hand and gazed to the sleeping Mr. Jeon

"Appa, Is it possible to fall in love with two people?", he asked hesitantly

But, he let out a chuckle as soon as he said those words

"Shit, What I am even talking about? I'm not a teenager to be in a situation like this"

"I'm not the type to fall in love easily but why am I being like this? Can a heart change that easily?", he sighed

"Aish... I don't know anymore", he ruffled his hair in frustration

He heard a man on the bed moaning and his eyes slightly opened

"Apeoji, are you awake?", he held his dad's arm

"How long have I been unconscious?", Mr. Jeon said

"A day", Jungkook forced himself a smile

"Do you remember how you fainted?",Jungkook asked cautiously

Mr. Jeon smiled and shook his head

"Probably maybe because of severe headache", he guessed and it was right

"Help me get up", he requested

Jungkook nodded and helped him, "Jungkook-ah", his dad cupped Jungkook's hand in his grip

"My tumor is really bad right now. I know my condition", he smiled

"In an instance, I may lose my memory and I may not remember everything", he said, while caressing Jungkook's face

Jungkook face changed into a sad and worried one

"That's why I want to tell you all the things that you need to know"

"A-Appa, don't be like this. You can tell me someday. I'm not ready to listen right now", he looked down

"Son, I don't have time to prorogue. Take care of your mom when I am gone", he said

Jungkook let go of his dad's hand and got up from his seat

"Appa, don't"

"And, Jae Seok has moved to our company by my order. I have already told Jae Seok to take care of you at work. He will teach you everything that you need to know. Sorry that I wasn't able to take care of you", Mr. Jeon slightly smiled

Jungkook could feel his eyes had been filled with water. He had never imagined that he had to listen those words from his dad. He wasn't ready to listen all of those. He knew he had to face the reality but this is just too much to take in at once

He couldn't let go of his dad. He's afraid to lose him

He stood there like a statue while trying to withhold his tears

"Your eomma would be lonely when I am gone. We weren't warm to each other since Jung Ah passed away. She must have been lonely for all of these years. Take care of her instead of me and make sure that she wouldn't be lonely. And, she is weak and emotional. Her body resistance is not that strong so she could be sick easily. Don't let her sick or unhealthy, okay?", he assured Jungkook

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