Characters introduction

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Yoon Se Young

Pretty, smart, business woman, care to others, kind, warm-hearted
She believes that she is a strong and smart woman
For her, first is work
She hate losing to others

Jeon Jungkook

Handsome, smart, childish, rich, rude, arrogant
Not interested about his family's company
He is the heir of the company
Loves his childhood friend, Ha Yeon
Cousin with Jae Seok

Seo Ha Yeon

Attractive, pretty, playful with love
Has a crush on Jae Seok
Friend with Jungkook since childhood
She isn't sure about who she really loves between jungkook and jae seok

Kim Jae Seok

Tall, smart, handsome, mature and nonchalant
Interested in work and really smart with his works
Cousin with Jungkook

*There're some addictional characters in the story

Author's note
1. English is not my first language so please forbear if my grammars, vocabularies and phrases are wrong
2. If my story is similar to the other people, just forgive me since it is an accident. I admit that this is the story that come out from my mind
3. Don't be the silent reader and you can comment on my story whether it is good or not. I warmly welcome your ideas and impressions about my story
Thanks for checking out and reading this

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