30. Crestfallen

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Warning: too much drama in this chapter :3

Author's Note

Yay!!! Update!
I'm sorry if I made you guys wait for it a bit

And, I would like to thank the readers who have been waiting for the updates, who appreciate my writing and who have been voting and commenting for this story

I am very happy to read your comments and they give me energy to write this story

I wrote this author note because I have something to tell you guys

As an author of this story, can I request you one thing, please?

I know you guys love Se Young and Jungkook couple and want more of them

But, I also consider Jin and Eun Hee as one of the main characters of this book

So, please also appreciate for them, too
Because I felt sorry for them :')

And, I am sorry for the readers who want more of Se Young and Jungkook

And, if Eun Hee and Jin's part was distracting, I am sorry 😔

Anyway, enjoy the update <3


*Three days later*

Se Young's POV

I was preparing to go to work and I heard a knock on the door

Honestly, my heart skipped a beat as soon as I heard it

"Come in", I said reluctantly

We were avoiding each other since that day. He didn't come back home from the hospital, though I visited there, never failed to bring him lunch, and extra clothes

Even if we were together in the hospital, we didn't talk much

He avoided me, I guess he didn't want to see me or talk to me

It's a bit surprising for me that he approached me first right now

"Can we talk?", he walked slowly into the room

I nodded, not being sure about what he would tell me

"I'll accept your condition", he said, letting out his deep breath

I stared at him, trying to read his mind but failed

"I have thought it over", he continued

"You're right, I need time. Give me a few more weeks to consider about our divorce", he said sternly

I felt broken
I felt like my heart got stabbed
I was the one who asked for divorce and it's funny I am the one who suffer from my own request

I continuously gazing at him without replying anything. He was waiting for me to respond him back, but I couldn't

I was having a hard time to find some words to talk him back

He sighed and turned his back, leaving me still in my thoughts

"Wait", I finally spoke up

He stopped his track with his back facing me

"Go-Gomawo, Jungkook-ah", I said hesitantly

I heard him chuckle but he was still back-facing me and walked away from my room

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