18. A mysterious Jeon Jungkook

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Jungkook's POV

We were on a honeymoon to Jeju and I drove to there. We didn't talk on the way and I noticed Se Young's face was a bit unconfident and dull

I broke the silence, "Stupid bag, stop being grumpy. We're on the honey moon. Be happy and relax", I thought she was still sad about the wedding

"Do I look grumpy?", she asked back. I didn't look at her face and focused on the driving on the way but I could see her from the side mirror

"It's obvious that you aren't satisfied with something. What's the matter?", I asked her

"Shall I tell the truth?", I nodded without looking at her face, being curious what would she reply me back. "Why did you choose Jeju as an honeymoon? I mean, we can afford all the expenses wherever we go. Out of all places, Jeju?", she asked me openly

"I want to go to the beach. That's all", I replied. I thought she was okay with my plan. And, I thought she was down for the wedding but she wasn't. She was just unconfident about going to Jeju as an honeymoon. Great 😒

"Beach? Jeju is not the only beach in the world. I mean, there is Maldives, Hawaii, Bali, etc. But, Jeju? Going honeymoon in domestic? We are in the 21st century, Mr. Arrogant", she complained me

What? I am being patient and she even didn't know that I am being kind towards her since the wedding. Now, she is here, blaming about choosing Jeju as a honeymoon. It's my fault that I asked her was there anything wrong 😑

"Then, why didn't you complain it in the first place? You ignored me when I told you about it. This is not my fault", I replied coldly, being fed up with her yapping

I can't take this anymore. She treated me coldly because of the infinity ring before we marry. She ignored me for the whole week but I tolerate her as it was my fault in the first place. She didn't deserve my kindness. It was my mistake that I promise not to give her a cold shoulder anymore

"But, I've been to Jeju so many times", She muttered but I heard her. She might be aware because I replied her coldly.

"But I haven't", I said. "What do you mean you haven't?", "Would you believe if I tell you that I've never been to there?", I said, finally I faced her

"Impossible! A guy in his 20s has never been to Jeju? No way...", She replied. "I am telling you the truth. Believe or not is your matter", I wore a cold face because I don't want to talk about it, about Jeju, about my childhood, about my family, about my little girl

She rode the car silently until we reached Jeju. We went to there, my parent's rest house, which I was supposed to be here with my Jung Ah six years ago. I haven't been to Jeju because I don't want to go there without her

I put the bags down and I told the care taker to go home. Now, only me and Se Young are in this house. We need to arrange our bags so I called Se Young but she didn't answer

I looked for her around the house but I didn't find her. Then, I went into the yard, and there's a big garden, which I don't want to enter. But, I went into the garden and saw her, on the swing, where Jung Ah was supposed to be there, swinging and laughing happily instead of Se Young

That place was for Jung Ah and not her!That swing was Jung Ah's and not hers! Why she had to be there? She is now swinging on Jung Ah's property and enjoying the wind peacefully?? It was supposed to be my Jung Ah!

Without knowing myself, anger got over me and I shouted her, "Yah!! Get away from that swing!!" "Why?", she asked me back confusedly. "Just go away! Don't get onto that swing again!" I shouted, went near her, pulling her to get off from the swing.

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