2. The guy next to me

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Se Young's POV

Soon, the plane took off and I was staring the clouds which were under the plane. It was so beautiful.... While I was enjoying the scenery, the guy beside me was making noise. He was listening to the music and singing along. When I took a look at him, he is a boy who is really good looking and cute but he was singing the rock songs that I can't listen so I started to annoy him. But, I just ignored him and take a nap. But, his voice is annoying me and I can't sleep. I decided to tell him to stay quietly so that I can take a nap. But, before I touch him, he changed the song and started singing it. The song was ' Next to You' sang by Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. It was a song from 3 years ago but I still enjoyed listening it. His voice is so sweet while singing it and soon, I fall a sleep.

I woke up and I think I fell a sleep soundly that the plane was descending to Incheon International Airport. The plane was landed and I took my bag from the shelf above my seat then got off. I took a cab to my home and when I reached home, my mom gave me a big hug also my dad. I was really glad to see my mother and father and we can now stay together. I shared my college life to mom and dad while eating dinner together. I was really happy since it was a long time that we couldn't sit in the same table and share our thoughts and problems. After dinner, I went into my room and unpacked my things. I grabbed the first bag and then started unzipping it. But, I saw some clothes for boys. I was confused and I looked at the bag again... It was my bag but not my things. Gosh.... I think I took the wrong bag

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