9. I will make you fall for me one day

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Jungkook's POV
The Yoon family left the restaurant and I looked at my dad angrily and shouted him, ' You had never taken care of me and now, you two pretends to be good parents and controlling my life?!! Oh well.... Pretends like good parents in front of people and when out of sight, you had never considered me as a son. And now, you are controlling my life?? No way.... I won't let this happen. I own my life and don't ever think that you owns my life because of the blood relation. You two had never been in a part of my life!! You two will never become my parents! Understand??', I told them like that and stormed off

Without noticing, tears are running down my face and I feel like my heart was torn. We had never stayed like a family and I feel myself like I am a fatherless child. I had never got the love from mom and dad... So, I don't know what is parents love since I was not given

Now, I am sitting in a park while looking at the stars... Various thoughts came into my mind. Like I can't marry that mean girl Yoon Se Young ... I only love Ha Yeon, I won't let this happen, The one I would marry is Ha Yeon. But, how can I? Should I confess her? Gosh... I can't think anymore. I feel like I am suffocating

I phoned to Jae Seok as he is the only one I can talk all about this and I believe that he will give me advice. 'Hello, Jae Seok. Are you free?', ' I am, Jungkook-ka, Wae?' , ' I have got some matters. Now, I need to talk. It's really important. Can I meet you now?', 'Sure... Come to my apartment', ' Okay... I'll be there in half an hour'.... I hang up

By the way, Jae Seok is my cousin... He's older than me by 2 months. We get along with each other. He is the only one I can believe and he is such a good man. He is not arrogant like others and he's kind and now, he is successful in his work. He knows the problems between me and my family

I rang the bell and the door opened. I told Jae Seok about the arranged marriage and the girl I love. 'What am I supposed to do? I have already found the girl I love. I love her since I was young. But, this arranged marriage disturbs all the things', 'You should choose the one you love. Just like you said, it's your life... Not your dad's. You should marry the one you love and have your own happy family with the one you love' , ' But, to cancel this marriage, how can I do? I told him that I won't accept this but I know he will continue this as he is really stubborn and only knows the things he want to do without thinking other people's feelings', ' I think you should confess to her. Confess her, get her love and bring her to your parents. If you show that you really love her to your parents, I can say that marriage will be cancelled', ' Do you think so?', 'Yes.... Now, I can see that you really love her. I don't know who she is, but she is really lucky to receive your love', ' Thanks, Jae Seok-ka, I know you can give me good advice', ' No problem man... By the way, that girl is the person I know?', ' You know her since long time ago. I will introduce her to you when the time comes. It's late so I will return to my dorm', ' Your dorm? What do you mean?', ' Now, I am staying together with my friends', ' You mean, with Namjoon and others?', 'Yeah....' , ' Well... Staying with them is better than staying in the hotel alone. Bye... Good luck with your love life, man' , ' Thanks, Bye.... '

Se Young's POV
*The next morning*
I walked downstairs and I saw dad, waiting for me to talk about last night. I sat on the chair, had my breakfast. The atmosphere was really slient and dad broke the silence. ' Se Young, I know you are angry because of last night, But, you....' I cut him off... ' Of course I am angry. You didn't told me about that. Don't you think that I should know? And, I own my life. I don't love him. I only want to marry the one I love. And, for now, there's no idea for me to marry someone. I have to struggle for my life. So, if you continue this marriage, I will just go back to the States. Cause I am here to help you. Not to marry', ' Calm down... Se Young. I'll tell you short of it. You have to help me Se Young. You have to marry Mr. Jeon's son, Do you remember the day I met with Mr. Jeon when he called me? That day, he told me about the marriage. We made the deal that day', 'What deal?', ' The deal is you have to marry their son. If you don't, he won't help with the project', ' You mean the project you have been working?' , ' Yes... We put all the money to that project. If the project doesn't work or stops, the company will be bankrupted. You have to marry him, Se Young, I am really sorry', ' If I marry his son, how can he help us?', 'He's one of the richest in Korea, he will help in his own way. And, we need his support', ' Is that the only way to save the company?', ' Yes, I am really sorry, my dear. I only want you to live your life happily. You are my daughter, I don't want your life to be controlled but I can't, I am a bad father', he said with his teary eyes, ' Don't say like that, appa. I know you accepted this as you were incapable. I have never done something good to you. I think this is the time. I will marry him. If this the only way to save the company, I will. Sorry if I rude to you before. And, I know you always support me, stands by my side and you raised me up, appa. You are the best for me', I told dad with tears falling from my eyes. Dad said, 'Thanks, Se Young. I am really proud of you'

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