29. Hook

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Author's POV

Jungkook couldn't believe his ears. He thought he heard something wrong. Literally, he wished he heard wrong

But, it wasn't

He understood everything that she meant. He exactly heard everything she spoke a while ago

The thing was he surely knew their divorce would be in three months
He knew that it was inevitable
He knew he couldn't avoid this coming

But, this was totally unexpected
This wasn't the way they planned before they married
This was way too sooner than they planned and he couldn't accept her request

It was hard for him, too hard for him to let her go when he needed her in his arms

He grumpily hit the steering which caused the car to blow the horn

Se Young was startled by the sudden action
She tearfully gazed at him
She could see him wearing scowl and frown, which doesn't suit him

She knew that was too unexpected for him
She knew she shouldn't bring up about
the divorce when he was having a hard time
But, she couldn't help it
She couldn't take this pain anymore

She bitterly smiled and quickly wiped the tears, which were threatening to fall

"I'm sorry", she spoke up

But, he didn't reply her back. He continued to stare to the front, still wearing the same face as before

Their car ride was really icy cold
No one utter a word after that

After a while, Jungkook stopped the car

"Why did we come here instead of hospital?", Se Young asked as they were currently in front of their house

Jungkook didn't reply her back again

He got out from the car first and closed the car door harshly
And, quickly paced his steps into the house

She heaved a sigh and remained still

Taking her phone out of her bag, she dialed the number that came into her mind

"Se Young-ah", the other girl answered

"Uh... Eun Hee-ya", "Can we talk right now?", she asked


On the other side, the girl was working overtime in the office

They have a promoting show tomorrow
Unlike the other days, they invited 150 audiences in the studio and let them work with Jin

She was reviewing the plans with a few staff and let them leave after it, doing most of the works by herself, staying in the office

"Hae Soo-ah, you can dismiss now", Eun Hee said to her junior girl who was left alone with her

"Sunbae (senior), it's okay, I can still work overtime", she rejected

Eun Hee stopped checking all the inventories and looked at Hae Soo

"Yah, just go okay? Your brothers and sisters would be waiting for you", Eun Hee stated

Eun Hee knew about her family, Hae Soo has 4 younger siblings and they all have to depend on her

How did she know?

She had once helped her when she needed money for her family

Although, she sometimes had money issue, she still tried her best to lend her hoobae(junior) some

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