14. Grumpy Ajumma and Arrogant Ajusshi

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Author's POV

Jungkook wraps his arm around Se Young's shoulder and said, 'She's my fiancée'

Se Young was surprised by his action. What the hell he is doing, she thought. Ha Yeon watched the couple with shocked eyes. Jae Seok was staring the hand around Se Young's shoulder

Ha Yeon came back to reality and said, 'I thought it's a rumor. I guess it isn't a rumor now', then she continued, 'Nice to meet you, I am Seo Ha Yeon, Jungkook's childhood friend', she gave out her hand for handshake. 'Ah... Nae. I am Yoon Se Young. Nice to meet you,too', she shook her hand. She's friendly and sweet but how do I feel like she's strange, Se Young thought

Jungkook's POV

They were shaking hands. I can't help but smirk at these two by thinking about the game I created. But, it's really hurt and furious to see Jae Seok and Ha Yeon together. It's a relief that Se Young looked a bit confused and irritated while I hugged her shoulder but said nothing. Wait a minute...Is this my chance to create something interesting??

I disturbed those two. 'Ha Yeon-a, what are you doing here?', she looked like she doesn't want to answer my question. 'I have my work nearby so I come to see Jae Seok', she answered reluctantly. Lying... She just came on purpose. 'You didn't even tell me that you are marrying. A bit cruel to your best friend... Jungkook', she changed our conversation

'We were busy the whole week. That's why. By the way, are we going to stand here like this? What about having dinner together. It's rare to see four of us together', I said. Okay... Jeon Jungkook. Good job. Keep going. You have to make Ha Yeon and Jae Seok jealous

Se Young looked at me, 'Dinner? I can't. I hav-', I stop her by pulling near me and cut her off, 'You said you were free the whole night, weren't you, jagiya??', Keep going Jungkook... You are doing great. Se Young stuttered, 'M-Mwo-Mwoh? Jagiya??'

Se Young's POV

'You said you were free the whole night, weren't you, jagiya??', WTF...Did he just call me jagiya? This bastard might be crazy. Grr... I can't hold this anymore. This is frustrating. 'M-Mwo-Mwoh? Jagiya?? You crazy doo---', he squeezed my shoulder and cut me off, 'Let's go. Follow us you two', he pulled me along with him before I say anything aggressively. Jae Seok and Ha Yeon were left behind

'Yah... Are you nuts? Jagiya?? Crazy Bastard. Do you think you can do anything you want with me?' I said with frustration. 'Low down your voice. Those two will hear you. Let's talk in the car', he said while pulling me with him. 'Let go of me!! I am not going with you', I struggled my hand with force. But his grip on my wrist became stronger

'Jeon Jungkook! Let go. You are hurting my wrist', I shouted. He didn't let go but pulled me harder. He then let go of me when we got near the car. I put my another hand on my wrist as it hurts. When I look at my wrist, it's turning red. 'Get into the car and put away your grumpy face', he said. 'How can I put away my grumpy face with this painful wrist?', I replied with grumpiness

'Why are you doing this to me? You know what? I am not a toy for you to play. I can do whatever I want and you have no right to hurt me', I told him with irritation. He took a glance at my redden wrist. 'Sorry. I was in my own thoughts. I didn't mean to hurt you', he said with soft voice

I didn't tell him anything but got into the car and slammed the door. He also got into the car after he talked on the phone. I didn't talk to him. I was looking outside of the window with my grumpy face. But, why did he act so strange in front of them? I mean... Jae Seok is his cousin and Ha Yeon is his friend. Is there something happening between them?

Suddenly, Jungkook stopped the car. I snapped out of my thoughts as he stopped the car. He got out of the car and then after a few minutes, he came back with a plastic bag in his hand. I rolled my eyes on him, thinking what the hell with his straight face

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