7. The company's problems

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Author's POV

*The next day*
Se Young woke up and went downstairs for breakfast. 'Morning omma', ' Morning, have your breakfast', 'Where's appa?' , 'He left home early because of the company's matters, 'What matters?' , ' I don't know, it's a bit important I think, he didn't even have his breakfast and rush to the company', 'I think I should pay a visit to there. Omma, Can you make some food for appa? I will bring those to him', 'Arraseo', mom said

Se Young's POV

What matters? I wish it will be alright soon. I should cheer up dad and I think I should know about that,too. I will start working there next week so I have a right to know about that problem
*Fast Forward* (Lol~ Like a movie xD)
At dad's company

I asked the secretary if dad was there, she told me he was, I knocked the door and opened it. I saw dad, who was really busy. ' Se Young, why are you here?', ' I want to pay a visit and I heard you didn't eat your breakfast so I bring the lunchbox for you' , ' Leave there. I will eat later. Thanks, my daughter' , ' No, appa. You have to eat right now in front of my eyes, I won't go back if you don't eat this in front of me', ' Aish... Okay okay. I'll eat' , dad said to me while ruffling my hair, I smiled, ' That's my appa' , ' By the way, Is there any problem, appa?', ' Yes, that's why I rush to the company without eating anything', 'Can I know that?' , ' Well... It'll be alright, my dear, don't worry', 'But, I think I should know appa'. I will be start working next week and I will be a part of this company, too', ' It's about the project, you know, the project we have been working, we give so much effort and money to that project' , while talking to me, the secretary came in
'Boss, the chairman of Starlight called you' , he picked up the phone, 'Hello, chairman', I looked at appa and he was talking with respect. I think that chairman might be really powerful... Dad hung up the phone and he told me that he had to go. So, I went back home. I hope that project will be alright
*Fast forward*

Dad came home, he called me and my mother to talk something, ' Tomorrow, we are going to meet the chairman's family and have dinner together. And, Se Young, wear something formal and nice', 'Why appa?' , ' You will know tomorrow', I was a bit confused

Author's POV

Se Young's dad went into his room and threw himself onto the bed. He thought *should I talk about this to Se Young*.... Then, mom entered the room and she asked if the project was alright. He told all about the cases that he promised

Author's note
Sorry, guys.... It's a bit boring,right? I don't know how to start this company problem so I just wrote in brief and found myself that it's boring. But, the next chapter is about the arranged marriage so, dun worry. Thanks for reading my fic

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