4. That stupid bag

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Author's POV

Before Jungkook started to fight, the girl came in.... And, she said, ' Annyeohaseyeol, I am the one on the phone before' , ' Ah.... Your girlfriend arrives', the bad guy said,' What do you mean girlfriend? I am not his girlfriend' , ' Girlfriend or not I don't care. Give me the money for his drinks', ' Why do I have to?' , she replied, ' If you don't give the money, I will kill you two alive', ' Okay then. I will give. Not because I afraid you, but because I don't want to waste my time debating with a doofus', she said like that and pay the money. After she had paid, Jungkook grabbed her wrist and pulled her outside

Jungkook's POV

Who is she? I don't even know her and why does she pay for this? Then I heard her groaning and whining because of my grip on her wrist. She said, ' Let go of me. It hurts' ,when we reached outside, I let go of her wrist and looked at her carefully. She has long legs and pretty face. She looks really innocent and has the figure that boys could easily fall. I also stare her long without noticing myself, enjoying her beauty. Yah... Stop dreaming Jeon Jungkook... I came back to reality and satif her,' I don't know why do pay for this but I'll give you back. Anyways, thanks', ' I am just lending money, so don't worry and no need. Now, give me my bag', she replied, 'The bag? What bag?' , I asked

Se Young's POV

He asked me ' What bag?' , ' I have already told you that we have got the wrong bags', I said, 'My bag is in my home and it is my bag. What are you talking about?', he asked me in confusion, I become really impatient to explain him so I said, ' You haven't look your bag properly, right? You are the one who sit beside me on the plane and you took the wrong bag first. Okay?', 'If you say so, then bring the bag you had taken wrongly', he replied sarcastically. 'Here's your stupid bag. And, there's your name tag, Jeon Jungkook-shi, arraseoyo?, Now, give me my bag', ' Oh, you are right, sorry about that, but I can't give your bag right now' , ' Mwoh??? Wae?' , ' Cause of some reasons' , ' I have to give the presents to my mom and dad, okay? Especially, for dad, I have to get it tonight. That's why I come here!!!' , I said him with anger, ' I don't get your situation but I will return it tomorrow, okay? Give me your phone number, I will call you', ' Okay, then. I hope you will,too' , and I gave him my number then went home

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