35. Completed

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Author's POV

"Jungkook-ah, Come to hospital! Right now", the other side said in terror

Anxiety and insecurities started to rush inside him as soon as his mother hanged up immediately

He quickly got up from his bed, took his jacket and rushed down to the stairs

"Odiga? (Where are you going?)", Se Young asked from the kitchen as she saw the boy slamming the door and running down urgently

"Hospital, it's important", he replied shortly as he was in a hurry

Se Young seemed to understand the situation, she put down the cup she was drinking
water, and immediately replied

"I'll come too", Jungkook only nodded and went to the garage, starting the car


"Omma, what happened?", Jungkook voice came out as soon as the door was opened

Jungkook mom slowly walked towards her son, "Y-Your d-ad", she stuttered

Her legs slightly bent forwards, causing her to fall but Jungkook quickly caught her

"Omma", "The doctor said tonight may be the last for him", her voice became huskier by every word

Jungkook only blinked his eyes, and Se Young just stared soullessly at Mr. Jeon lying on his bed

Suddenly, the machine beeped in chaos, signalling that the patient's heart beat was not steady

"Yeobo (Honey)", Mrs. Jeon cried in fear

Se Young hugged Mrs. Jeon and calmed her down as she was crying so hard

The doctors rushed into the room, as Mr. Jeon was in the emergency situation

"His heart beat is dropping down!", one of the nurse said

But, the doctors only looked at the patient sorrowfully, without doing anything

Jungkook looked down and bit his lip as he knew the exact situation

"What aren't you doing anything?", Mrs. Jeon finally noticed the situation

She walked to the doctors, and grabbing their arms, "The patient is in emergency! What are you doing?!", she cried and shouted

Se Young was stopping Mrs. Jeon who was in turbulence

Mrs. Jeon who was yelling at the doctors, looked back to Jungkook

"Jungkook-ah, why are these stupid doctors doing?", "Tell them to do something", she cried for help

Jungkook continued to look down and started to feel uneasy

"J-Jungkook-ah", "Say something", Mrs. Jeon's voice slowed down and stared at her son

She then slowly walked to Jungkook, "Jeon Jungkook, don't you hear me?"

Jungkook looked up with tears brimming in his eyes, "Omma, M-Mianhe-yo"

"Wae? What are you sorry for? Why are you saying sorry!?", she yelled with rage

"I signed on the DNR paper", his voice cracked

"Mwoh?", she unbelievably asked

"I-I signed on the-", she outrageously cut off by slapping her son

"Omeonim", Se Young went between the two as the situation was uncontrollable

Jungkook glanced at his mom in shock while holding his cheek

"Jungkook doesn't have any fault. This is Apeonim's wish. He told Jungkook to do it for him", Se Young stood in front of Jungkook and quickly explained

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