1. Time to go home

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Se Young's POV

Time flies so fast and now I am graduated from my college. It means that I can now go home. I missed my home too much and sure my mom, my dad, my friends.... all, I missed them so much. And now, I can go home and help my dad with his company and I can be the heir of the company from now on. I would be a lady who could stand on her own feet and take care of my company like no other..... And,,,, Ring Ring Ring, the phone rang. " hello", I picked up, "honey, it's mom, congratulations with your graduation and sorry that we can't attend your graduation ceremony", " It's okay mom, I understand" , I replied, " I'll be coming back tomorrow" , " Really? I am really happy to hear that. Now, we can stay together under the same roof like the others" , Mom replied, " Yeah, I am also really happy,too. Wait me at home, mom. Don't come to airport. I can come home by myself" , " Are you sure, honey?", " Yep... Bye mom, See you tomorrow, I love you" I hang up. I was busy with packing my things the whole day and I was really tired that I slept so early. The sun rises and time for morning.... I should get ready to the airport. I reached the airport and I was waiting for my flight. I was really happy and it was like a perfect morning for me. Soon, the flight would take off in minutes and I was taking a seat on the plane

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