12. The love game begins

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Se Young's POV
*The next morning*

I was waiting for him at the cafe. What took him so long... I had been waiting for him for half an hour and he's still not here yet. While I was waiting for him, something flashed into my mind


I was at the rooftop of dad's company. I was looking the scenery of the city. Suddenly, I heard the door was opened. Then, a familiar voice called out my name, 'Se Young-a', I turned around and found my friend panting, 'Why are you exhausted? Do you run to here?', when I was about to touch his shoulder, he rejected my hand with his

'Jae Seok-ka, what's wrong?', I asked him with worry. 'It's not an important matter. Just answer me. Is that really true?', he asked me with trembling voice. 'What do you mean?', I was confused. 'Just answer me Yoon Se Young. Are you getting married?', he shouted me a little. 'How- how do you know that?', I looked at him with widen eyes

'I can't believe this. Is this real? I thought it was a joke. Tell me it was a joke', all I could do was just look at him with confused yet surprised eyes. 'Please Se Young. It's a joke, isn't it?', 'I am really sorry but it's real, Jae Seok. Mianhe' I said. 'Can I ask who is your fiancé?', he looked really terrified with my answer. 'Jeon Jungkook of the Starlight company', 'J-Ju-Jungkook?' he looked really surprised yet he didn't believe with this situation

'Yeah... You know him?', I asked with confused. 'How can it be happened like this? Impossible', he murmured himself but I heard that. What was happening here? Why is Jae Seok like this? 'Answer me Jae Seok. Do you know him?', he didn't hear me and he was gazing at the floor with trembled eyes. I put my right hand on his shoulder and called his name. 'Jae Seok-a, Jae Seok-a. Gwinchana?' , He looked me up with awake eyes and said, 'Uh?? Ah', then he left, without saying anything, without answering my question

*What's up with him? What was that kind of situation? I have never seen him being like this. Is there something concerned with my marriage? How does he know Mr. Arrogant (Jeon Jungkook)?* I was left at the rooftop woth so many questions in my thought

*End of the flashback*

'Yah... Stupid bag', someone snapped out of my thought. 'Why are you gazing at the coffee without drinking it?', 'Uh? Aniya. I was thinking of something. Forget it. Why are you late? I have been waiting for you about 45 minutes, you lazy butt', I said him with annoyance. 'It's only 45 minutes. You have to wait the other more than 45 minutes when you have a meeting. Just think that I taught you the lesson of waiting patiently'

What the... He dare to say only 45 minutes. 'Only 45 minutes? 45 minutes is much as I hate waiting for someone', 'Now, I am in front of you. So, stop blaming me. I hate being blamed by others. Let's go', he said. 'To where?', 'Firstly, to my dad's house. Secondly, to your dad's company, lastly, to my dorm', 'Your dorm? What do you mean?', 'You'll see. Now, follow me and let's go', he said

I got into his car and I can't stop thinking about what happened yesterday with Jae Seok. Does Jae Seok know Jeon Jungkook? Do they know each other? Why is Jae Seok being like this? I am really complicated right now. My mind is flashing back to that day all the time

'Yah... Stupid bag', 'Yah, Yah!!!', he waved his hand in front of me. 'Uh?? Did you call me?' I asked, 'What in the world make the aggressive Yoon Se Young out of the world? I am curious', he said. 'I am not aggressive. And, whatever it is, is none of your business'. 'That's the reason why are you being called aggressive. Let's go'

I got of out the car. I saw a big house with a big yard. His house is much bigger than mine. When we entered the house, I see so many workers and maids in their house. I don't know why but I feel like it's a bit exaggerating. He told the maid to tell his mother that he came. After a few minutes, she came out

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