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(I know I said 2 chapters but the last one just felt like an ending, so I gave George and David the Epi.)


I swear if you don't back the fuck up, I won't be responsible for what my fist does to your face. George thought as a man, surprisingly taller than him, glared right in his face. He'd had to deny him entry because he was being too aggressive while waiting in line. Clearly he was a dom, but that didn't mean a damn thing to George. If he messed with other patrons before even getting inside, then the welcome mat will be used to slap some sense into him. They didn't technically have a welcome mat, though, so George just figured his fist would do.

"Listen buddy, your job is to check I.D.'s and look fat. Move the hell away from the door!" He shouted, making George raise one brow slightly. He was anything but fat, though he was still half deaf from David's screaming earlier and might have heard the guy wrong. David hadn't been that vocal the first time they'd done it, but boy was he more than happy to yell the second time. Just the thought of it brought a blush to his cheeks, making him fidget a little.

"Dude... Are you blushing?" The guy asked, then smirked. "So you're interested in a dom, even though you look like a huge monkey? I'm surprised, but I suppose I could consider it..."

George had to blink a few times to clear his thoughts and replay what the man had just said. During that time, a fist suddenly swung out of nowhere and slammed into the guy's face, knocking him on his ass.

Looking down, George couldn't help but grin as David straightened back up front the jump he'd clearly had to make in order to land a good hit. His eyes were narrowed on the man stumbling back to his feet and his lips were pursed angrily.

"That's my ape, bud. Back the hell off." David growled as he crossed his arms over his chest.

When the guy got back up, his eyes grew wide as realization seemed to set in.

"Aren't you Domino's whore? Already moved on after he got arrested, eh?"

David flinched, looking up at George before returning his attention to the man. "I didn't know he got arrested. I left him before that happened."

The guy seemed surprised and even chuckled a bit as he mirrored David's pose. "He doesn't seem to think that you've broken up. I heard he's still telling everyone to stay away from you cause your ass belongs to him when he gets out."

When David didn't respond, George grunted and wrapped his arms around him, easily tugging him back against his chest. He then dropped his chin to settle on top of David's soft hair and grinned.

"Sorry, this ass is taken. Along with his butt."

David tilted his head and scowled up at him, but George just leaned over and kissed him awkwardly. He knew he still kinda sucked at it, but he was trying to prove a point, not win a kissing award!

The man glowered, but after another minute of silence, turned and walked away. Immediately George felt David sag in his arms, a sigh leaving his lips. In all honesty, he had wondered where Domino had gone, himself. He was used to the asshole showing up once in awhile to get David and he didn't seem like one to just let their previous fight go.

Hadn't been much of a fight, but still.


Looking back down, George raised a brow in question.

"Um... After you're done with work, do you... Would you, want to cook something with me?"

Cooking is boring as hell.

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