Unexpected Trip

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Knocking on Xena's office door was so much harder right then than it had been at any other time in his life. But you have to do this. Zachary is everything you've always wanted and you were about to drop him off early in order to go find some damn meth. Just the thought of the drug sent a shiver down his spine. Disgusted, he shoved her door open, not waiting for her to answer it, even though he knew she hated when people just barged in.

When he stepped inside she was already standing, a glare on her face though he knew it wouldn't last. He quickly turned and shut the door, locking it, then moved to take a seat in the only chair across from her large wooden desk. Thankfully Xena noticed his tense posture and understood he had something important to say that shouldn't be interrupted. His leg leg bounced slightly as he tried to find the words he'd practiced over and over again in his head, but they were all missing.


"You're having withdrawals, hun."

Orion's head jerked up, eyes wide and worried as his leg continued to tick out a rhythm on the hardwood floor with the heel of his boot. When Xena just set her hands in her lap and waited, Orion grabbed his hair and pulled, hard. "Zachary is helping so much. He knows. It's so obvious sometimes, but I almost dropped him off early from our date! The one we've been planning for the past two days! Just so that I could get some damned drugs!"

The room quieted as he finished speaking. The only thing audible to either of them, his heavy panting as he tried to regain control. They sat that way for several seconds until Xena calmly spoke.

"What would you like to do, Orion? I know Zachary means a lot to you..."

"He's my boy. I-I can't believe I even considered doing drugs again with such a sweet guy by my side. I don't need them, I have him!"

"Then he needs to be your grounding thought. You know that you're an uncaring asshole when you do drugs. Do you think Zachary is going to stay if you treat him like that?"

Of course not. He wouldn't expect him to, or want him to. Zachary deserved better than what he had been like in the past. When he'd spent his days doing drugs, or doing anything he could to get them.


"I think maybe getting away from this place for a little while might help you get your control back. You have plenty of paid vacation time and since Zachary has been working his butt off since I hired him, I'll let you take him with you, too."

A vacation. That actually did sound really nice.

"Okay. I think that would do me some good."

Pushing the chair back from the desk, Orion stood and gave Xena a reassuring smile. "Zachary is gonna be so excited!" 

She nodded, grinning at him before flicking her wrist towards the door. "Get going, you. Pack up your handcuffs and leather thong and go wow your guy at some resort or something."

Orion stepped over to the door and unlocked it, but instead of walking out right away he glanced over his shoulder. "I don't have a leather thong... but that would look amazing on Zach." Xena shook her head, heaving a sigh before Orion darted from the room, not wanting to risk having something thrown at him.

Wonder where I can get a leather thong.

"Hey Orion."

Stopping abruptly in the hall, Orion turned, only to grin as Zachary came walking over to him. Resisting hugging him, Orion greeted him with a smile, then gestured for him to follow. The place had just opened a few moments ago so there weren't many patrons yet. When they stepped into his room and the door slid shut Orion couldn't help but turn around and tug his boy into his arms.

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