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Hearing the first groaning alarm clock of what he figured was going to be a consistent thing for the next few nights, George forced sleep from his eyes with a few good rubs at them, then stood up and walked around to the side where David was still sleeping fitfully.

"Hey David, wake up," he said as he reached down, shaking his shoulder enough to get the guy to begin coming around. He looked like he hadn't gotten a single minute of sleep, let alone the four hours that have passed since he fell asleep. When David seemed to finally be coherent George walked to his bathroom and filled a small paper cup with water, then returned to hand it to David. Thankfully he'd gotten the guy propped up on some pillows, knowing that he would have to give him medicine several times in bed.

When he was sure David had a firm grasp on the cup and wouldn't dump it by accident, George grabbed the bottle of medicine and turned on the lamp on the nightstand. "Alright, looks like you can have another pill since it's been four hours and you only took one after leaving the hospital. I'm going to assume that you want it?" He checked, looking down at David to see the man nodding.

"Alright, here. Once you take the pill drink the rest of the water."

David whimpered as his response, then took the medicine and shakily chugged the remainder of the water before holding the cup up. George realized the silent request without needing words and quickly got the cup refilled. David went through two more cups of water before he finally set it down on the nightstand and leaned back against the pillows with a wince. Since he didn't say anything, George figured he would just wait for the meds to kick in, then pass out again, but as he began to make his way back to the other side of his bed to get a few more hours of sleep before the next 'alarm' sounded, he heard David gasp out a few words.

"Need... t-to pee."

Biting back a sigh, George walked back around and carefully got his arms under David. He understood that he would eventually have to go bathroom, so he couldn't really be annoyed. At least he didn't wake me up just to pee. "Alright, lifting you on three. One, two, three." Unintentionally, the abrupt shift of his body knocked his burned leg against the other, making David give a pretty damn impressive scream.

Shit, that's probably going to wake up Orion and his kid.

He had no doubt that Orion might think he was going after David, either. The guy knew he had a short fuse and wasn't beyond beating people who deserved it. But David doesn't deserve it. His ex, on the other hand... I wouldn't mind getting my hands on him again. "Sorry, just take deep breaths," George said as he got David situated on one foot by the toilet.

"You got it from here? I'll hold you up, but I draw the line at the obvious."

Feeling a faint chuckle from the other guy, George looked away as David relieved himself, then fastened his pants back up. "Thanks, just need to wash my hands." George grunted and carefully got David in front of the sink where he washed, then dried his hands on a small towel sitting on the edge. Picking the guy back up afterward, George carried him back to the bed, then moved to his leg and looked up. "Do you want me to check the medicine he put on your burns? Does it feel like it's getting worse?"

When he got a jerky nod in response George carefully began unwrapping the bandages, trying to be as gentle as possible... which was a bit hard considering his large hands. He seemed to manage decently-well at least, only getting a few grunts and one groan before he had the bandages undone. At that exact moment Orion walked in. He was only wearing a pair of black silk boxers but George didn't let his current outfit play into how he reacted. Orion visibly looked worried, his brow creased and body tense.

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