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Words could not explain the emotions swarming through Orion's mind at that moment. He felt as if he could get down on one knee and offer Zachary a ring, just for pushing past his nervousness and asking for a simple book. The younger man's face also lit up when he himself smiled, making Orion's heart slam against his chest like a jackhammer.

"I-I will get you one that explains the very basics of it... however," Orion mumbled the last part of his sentence as he let his eyes skim Zachary's still-clothed body down to his toes, then back up to his eyes.

At least he remembered to kick off his new shoes.

As much as his fingers itched to remove Zachary's clothes one inch at a time and savor revealing his bare skin to his eyes for a second time, he knew right then wasn't the time. He, unfortunately, had a party to get to, and Zachary had some reading to do. Grinning, Orion tugged Zach forward and helped him rinse out his hair, then turned the water off before stepping out to begin drying himself off.

"Go ahead and shut the shower door, then strip out of those clothes. You can hang them on the bar in there so that they can dry."

He expected the door to shut right away, but it was at least three full seconds before he heard the magnet seal shut, making Orion chuckle to himself as he wrapped his towel around his waist, then grabbed one to toss to Zachary. Once he was sure the guy didn't need any help getting out of the wet clothing, sadly, he walked back into his room, then went inside his closet. In all honesty, he wanted to just wear normal clothing for once, but he knew a good portion of the people there would be expecting him to be in leather.

Sighing with a shake of his head, Orion pulled on a pair of underwear, then found a nice pair of black leather pants and yanked them on. He could already feel how bad his underwear was going to chafe by the end of the party, but he knew better than to go commando around drunk, handsy patrons again.

Definitely not a memory I want to relive.

Looking around, he frowned at the different black leather accessories he often used for 'shirts', but didn't really feel like any of them fit his mood for the night. It was significantly better than he would normally expect since Zachary had asked to at least read a book on his lifestyle, but that still left Orion with the task of dodging hands and teeth in the lion's den tonight.

The sound of Zachary scurrying about in the bedroom had Orion turning around just in time to see his towel drop as he tried to pull on boxers with it still around his waist. He was still skin and bones, and likely would be for awhile, but the guy had an adorable butt.

"Orion... you can stop staring now."


He thought about playing it off, but heck, Zachary already knew he liked him, so why not look?

"You have a nice butt."

Zach rolled his eyes but he couldn't hide the deep blush burning its way up from his neck to settle in his cheeks. Winking, Orion admired the guy's bare chest for a moment before turning back to try and find something to wear for himself. He sifted through the leather another time, then grumbled. None of it looked good right then.

"How about these?"

Surprised, Orion turned to see Zachary holding up a blood-red length of leather in one hand and a more intricate item of the same color in the other. He looked incredibly nervous, with his eyes darting around the large closet, but he kept the items in his hands and didn't bolt like Orion thought he might.

"I forgot I had those. Sure, will you help me get them on? The ropes are a bit hard to fasten one-handed."

Of course, he had become a master at it over the years, but he wasn't going to tell that to Zach. At least, not yet. The guy will likely figure it out fast if they do end up becoming dominant and submissive anyways.

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