Creative Mistakes (Rewritten/Fixed)

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(This chapter was deleted by a glitch. I managed to keep some of it, but the rest I've rewritten. I tried my best to remember the important parts in this chapter so that the story flows smoothly. If you're rereading this, please let me know if I've missed something. IF YOU STILL CAN'T SEE IT ALL, REFRESH THE PAGE. It should end with 'trust you'.)

By the time noon came around George knew David was going to be a pain. He was already in pain, still, but the medicine was definitely working because the guy was nowhere near as bad as he had been earlier in the day.

"You stay right there," George said, pointing at David as if he expected the guy to actually get up and just walk away with his crispy leg. He didn't expect the walking but he knew the guy was getting really bored and there were still crutches. It wasn't that he cared if David moved around the club, what bothered him was the possibility of him hurting himself further when he fell, which was highly likely to occur. As he stepped into the shower, George couldn't help the thoughts that came to his mind.

I really just need to get the guy a leash and collar... and tie him to a lamppost outside with a Free To Good Home sign around his neck.

Of course he wouldn't. That was illegal, and Domino would likely be the one to unfortunately find him first.

Can't believe the idiot actually thought he should go back to that asshole.

It pissed him off just thinking about it. Shaking his head, George scrubbed a strong masculine-smelling shampoo into his hair, then rinsed. He wasn't really sure what was in it, per say, but it definitely smelled like male, which was good enough for him. While Orion preferred his minty girly stuff, George couldn't stand the smell and kept all of his things closer to the scent of strong mixes of whatever the stores considered masculine at the time he went to shop. Once he'd rinsed out his conditioner and then did a quick swipe of soap along his body, George turned off the cool shower and stepped out butt naked.

"Of course."

He wasn't surprised in the least when he looked at his bed and noticed David gone. Instead of rushing out of his room to find him, still nude, George just huffed out an annoyed sigh and dried off, then pulled on a pair of dark blue shorts. He then grabbed a belt and walked out, heading right for the place he knew he'd find the frustrating guy. He was there, of course, hopping around like the idiot George was understanding him to be.

And cooking in a pair of boxers and a T-shirt, no less. Maybe if I don't help him dress next time he won't leave... or I'll just find him cooking naked.

He was about to tie David's hands together, then grab him around the waist and drag him back to his room, but when he noticed the ingredients in front of the guy, he couldn't help but feel a little hesitant. Not to mention, when David heard him come in and looked up, George couldn't not notice the look of excitement and happiness in David's previously pained eyes. Not that he didn't look like he was hurting, but he looked like the cooking was taking much more of his focus now as he began to whisk some dry ingredients together in a bowl while trying to balance on one foot.

If he wasn't making my cake...

Grumbling, George walked over and carefully grabbed David around the waist. The guy paused in his mixing to look over his shoulder at him, wincing when he saw the face George was giving him. "I-I won't be long..." He tried with an awkward smile, looking like someone who knew they were in trouble but still wanted to at least finish the deed before they got punished for it.

George wanted to argue and drag the guy off like the bouncer he was. Scratch that, erase the arguing. But... "Hurry up." He said with a glare as he held tight to David's waist to keep the guy upright and still. While David quickly turned his attention back to the cake he was working on, George couldn't help but let his eyes move over what he could see of his body. Very few of the injuries he'd seen earlier were visible now, which was a relief as he wouldn't have to explain anything if Orion, Zachary, or Xena walked in. Moving his attention to the collar around his neck, a sudden anger welled up in his chest and he reached over to grab a pair of scissors that had been left out.

When he turned, he noticed David's eyes on him with a slight hint of curiosity and confusion in them. Without bothering to explain himself, George reached for the collar, only to have his hand blocked by both of David's as the guy gripped hard at the leather.

"Really, David? That guy has caused you so much pain, and yet you won't remove his stupid collar?"

The why? was silent at the end of his sentence, but David seemed to hear it anyways as he hunched and licked his lips nervously. He didn't actually reply with words, but George wasn't stupid. He'd seen enough subs and understood, to a point, what the collar represented.

Safety. The feeling of being wanted.

He rolled his eyes and turned, working at the belt he'd brought with him as he added a third reason in his mind. Stupidity. Finishing what he was doing, he turned back toward David and noticed Domino's name scrawled across the collar. Without much thought into it, he turned and swiped a silver Sharpie marker from the cup Xena used to hold her random stationary in the kitchen and wrote out his own name along the belt he'd cut.

When he was finished he eyed his work, not exactly impressed, but figuring that it was good enough. Turning, he reached for David's collar again, this time doing so fast enough so that he wasn't blocked. Next came the scissors, much to David's chagrin, as far as his worried face was concerned. "Just deal with it for a second," George grumbled as he cut the collar off, then replaced it with the one he'd fashioned from the belt he'd brought.

"There. Problem solved... and now you don't have some asshole's name around your neck. Just this asshole," he said, pointing to his own chest with a smug grin.

What he hadn't thought of before suddenly came to mind when David stared up at him with a hopeful smile. Uh oh. "D-don't think that that's permanent. It's just until you find someone, you hear me? Go get a dominant you can trust and get him to put a new collar on you."

George couldn't have made his voice sound more stern if he tried, yet the reaction he got was anything but the one he wanted. David hopped forward and wrapped his arms around his chest, then leaned in to rest his forehead right beneath his neck.

"I trust you."

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