Plus One

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"Hey, Orion's brat!"

Zachary jumped, tossing the top of a carrot in the air he'd been cutting at. It came down with a thunk on top of his head, but his attention was completely focused on David as he stormed back into the kitchen.

"Yes sir!" He answered automatically, then blushed when the guy rolled his eyes and smirked.

"You're my new slave, and it's even better because you're Orion's new babe. So, I'm gonna make you sweat before I return you to him."

Zachary wasn't really sure what to think of his words, but he quickly understood the sweating part as he was put to work! David had him cutting onions for fifteen minutes straight, then washing and cutting mushrooms for another twenty before he went on to pineapple. He did every single task as fast as he could, but also carefully. He knew that cutting himself would only hinder his ability to work, so he had to pay attention.

"Open your mouth."

The order took him by surprise. He opened his mouth without thinking... and got a piece of pineapple promptly shoved into it. The fruit was incredibly tart and sweet, making his lips pucker for a moment before he chewed, then swallowed. "Mmm."

"Hey, what are you shoving in my boy's mouth, Dav?" Orion grumbled as Zach saw him walk in with a load of dish towels in his arms. Ah, he must have been getting them from the laundry. No wonder he hadn't returned when David had.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" David replied with a waggle of his eyebrows. Zachary blanched, understanding what David was implying. "N-no! I-it wasn't. He didn't. I didn't put his dick in my mouth!"

He'd run up to Orion as he half-shouted, half-cried his words. Then he realized what he had said and his face turned from white to cherry red. He was afraid to look at either of the men after what he'd just blurted out, but there was no way he could just run away from the situation, either.


Well, at least he didn't have to make himself look up, because Orion had his hand beneath his chin in seconds, lifting his face until their eyes could meet. The look on his face was that of utter shock. "Sweetheart, I didn't know you knew that word."

Oh my god. He thinks I'm an innocent angel? Zach thought to himself as Orion began to break his mask of shock into one of uncontrollable humor.

Grumbling under his breath, Zach spun around and began tugging at the button on his jeans. "Yeah, it's the awesome thing between my legs, wanna see, David?"

"Aw hell yes!" The guy shouted, right before Orion snagged Zachary from behind and lifted him up like an unneutered dog trying to claim dominance over a poor sofa pillow.

"This is mine, no can has!" Orion growled next to his ear, making Zach shiver a little. He sounded possessive but he could also hear the joking tone in his voice.

"Come on boys, up and at em! I wanna see the prep done in thirty minutes so the cleaning crew can scrub this place for their once a month contract!" Xena shouted as she ducked her head in. Seeing Zachary in Orion's arms, she rolled her eyes. "Okay, well, down and at em. Put the poor guy down Orion and get busy. You'll scare him away if you glue yourself to him so much and I can't afford to lose my new employee so soon."

He was set down immediately and they both got busy doing what David directed them to. Xena left shortly after, and thankfully, they finished on time. After establishing that he would be back to help in the kitchen later that night while Orion worked in his area, they headed back down to his room. Zachary was still giddy after having gotten a job so after five minutes Orion tossed the book they were trying to read together aside.

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