Silence is a Fist

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(Thanks to those that have been patient. Been really busy and actually read a book or two to get a break from writing.)


"Xena is gonna kick your ass the second she smells that." George said with a bland tone as he eyed Orion lounging on his bed with a blunt between his lips. His head turned on his pillow, dilated eyes rolling.


George huffed, walking over and snatching the stick of marijuana from Orion's mouth. He felt a slight burn as the tip pressed against his skin, but ignored it as the lit portion snuffed out.

"And I might just take first shot."

Orion forced himself to sit up and yawned, rubbing a hand over his face as he eyed him. "It's just pot. It's not like I shot up or anything."

The first punch felt good. Damned good. Been too long since I've done that. Mentally shrugging, George hit him again just for the hell of it, then dropped his heavy weight down onto Orion's bed, sitting on the edge. "First off, I'm not going to sweet talk you to make you feel better about this decision. We're just going to accept the fact that you're a dumb ass. Good? Great." He patted his knees once in finality, then continued. "Second, I hate talking, so if you interrupt me I'm going to make sure your other eye matches the one that's currently changing colors. Okay? Awesome."

There was a short pause as George licked his lips once. "Now then. Instead of actually thinking about the situation that had happened, you just let yourself drown your sorrow in drugs." Orion opened his mouth to interrupt but when George held up one of his fists, he seemed to think better of it.

"Now I'm going to dispose of this and you're going to take a shower then pee till it's out of your system."

Orion blinked, finally finding enough courage to sneak in a sentence. "That's not how it works."

Instead of arguing, George just narrowed his eyes in warning, officially making Orion clamp his mouth shut. He couldn't give two shits how it worked as long as the idiot didn't lose his job over his damned drug relapse. Thankfully he could easily see his arms and there were no new marks among the multiple old ones.

"Anyways, as soon as Zachary comes in for work tonight you're going to apologize." When Orion started talking again, George shoved him back into the headboard and grunted. "Shut up. We both know that you would crawl back to your parents if they asked for your help. Yes, he's an idiot for doing it, but he's your idiot, idiot."

He paused again, then, seemingly having nothing else to say, stood up and walked to the door. Right before he opened it and stepped out, he looked over his shoulder and glared. "And don't you dare get anymore drugs. It took me long enough to get used to you and I sure as hell won't tolerate Xena getting rid of you for another dumb ass." He then slammed the door shut, grumbling to himself about talking so much and people being stupid in general.

Since he didn't have to start work for another thirty minutes, he decided to duck into the kitchen. Of course David was already there, back from his appointment with the doctor earlier that morning. George would have come, but since David could now drive on his own and he hated people with a passion, he decided to stay in bed.

"Hey George! I'm going to assume that you didn't eat breakfast yet." David chimed a bit too cheerfully as he offered him a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, and grits.

I hate grits.

It even had some cheddar and pepper sprinkled over it but that didn't make it look anymore appealing. Not that he was going to complain, though. Instead, George mixed the disgusting small bowl of slop with his eggs and forced them down together, then hurried to rid the taste in his mouth with the pieces of bacon. As soon as the plate was empty David took it, replacing it with another full one as he leaned up and pressed a light kiss to George's lips.

"I love feeding my Master," he whispered before setting the dirty plate in the sink and turning to grab his own to begin eating. George licked his lips before eating his second plate of eggs and bacon, glad that David had left off the grits this time. As he began washing the dishes from their meals after they finished he thought about telling David that it was nearly time to open, so it had to be at least late afternoon, but figured that he was just making a joke since he didn't bother getting out of bed until half an hour ago. So, instead, he finished the dishes quickly and then turned and reached forward, yanking David's collar hard. The guy stumbled forward, arms flailing as their bodies collided, lips slamming together. When he felt David press himself closer, George carefully twisted the collar around his fingers, tightening it until he heard David cough out a quiet moan.

He lasted about two seconds after that before releasing the guy and shaking his head.

"You are so fucked up. I still can't comprehend how being choked painfully is any kind of pleasurable!"

David just smirked at him and licked his slightly bruised lips, making George heave a sigh. Thankfully he hadn't been required to wear any leather today, at least.

"I'm gonna go to the front," he mumbled quietly before hurrying out of the kitchen as a chuckle sounded at his back.


He paused for a moment outside of the kitchen doors and glanced back through one of the two porthole windows. David had returned to the stove, but now he was all business getting things ready for the early diners. And boy could the man move around the kitchen! His hips were especially interesting to watch as they swayed back and forth as he got different things from the cabinets and fridge.


Smiling to himself, George took his spot just outside the front door and relaxed against the wall as the crisp night air cooled his warm skin. It must have been at least fifty out but even in a T-shirt, it didn't bother him. What did, however, was hesitantly walking up to the building like he might be attacked if he made a wrong step.

You and your master are both a pain in my ass right now, kid. He thought angrily because he knew he couldn't actually say those words aloud. He'd scare Zachary away or at least make him worried. The idiot was always worried about something, which was somewhat understandable since he had been on the streets before. He tried to sneak in without a word, but George easily stepped in his way, his huge body easily blocking the entrance as he crossed his arms over his chest.

I can't believe how much talking I'm having to do for these two fools today. My throat already hurts but for once, I don't think it's a waste of time. Hopefully. If the idiots would just stop being stupid.

"First off. You're an idiot."

Zachary stared at him, frowning but not seemingly upset.

"Second. Your equally stupid boyfriend is in his room probably smoking another joint of pot because you left him so abruptly yesterday. You can't just do that, kid, even if mommy comes crying back to you. Orion deserves much more than the brush off you gave him."

Zach's face had gotten considerably more pale as George went on, its shade nearly white when he finally stopped to take a breath.

"Listen, just go talk to him and don't say something stupid, okay?"

He blinked, then sniffled and nodded.

"Good. Now get, you're late."

His eyes widened and he hurried past, darting into the restaurant as George snickered and turned to start checking ID's again. He hoped that that was the last he'd have to do to mediate dumb and dumber, but he doubted it.


If he had spoken out loud, the sheer sarcasm and distaste in the one word would have sent the four patrons waiting in front of him scurrying away immediately.

Good thing I know that I'm not a nice person and keep my words mostly to myself.

The idea had him grinning, making the patron at the front of the line flinch and look down nervously.

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