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"Master George!" David shouted as he ran into their room, clearly having just picked up his check from Xena since he was sliding it into his wallet, then slid the wallet into his back pocket.

George looked up from where he knelt on the floor, finishing tying his shoe. David appeared to nearly have a heart attack at the sight of him in a suit with fancy shoes and a tie. He definitely drooled, too, but at least he managed to swallow it before making a fool of himself again. He'd already drooled three times in the past two days, though George wasn't counting the five times in the shower when he'd washed him two nights ago. He could also see in the guy's eyes that he was thinking something disturbing.

"You're turning red. So either you're naked and embarrassed that I'm staring and not touching, which is clearly not correct, or you're thinking about something incredibly perverted."

David held up two fingers and George nodded, figuring that he meant the second option he'd given. George then stood and brushed his suit off slightly. He then walked over and grabbed David's hand, pulling him out the door. "Where are we going, Master?" David asked as they left the club and slid into George's car. He wanted to argue that he didn't like being called anyone's master, but he kept his mouth shut.

It was a little cold outside and since he hadn't given David a chance to change, he reached into the back seat and grabbed the coat he left there. When he handed it over to David and he put it, George nearly starting laughing. It swallowed the guy, but judging from the content smile on his face as he snuggled into it, he knew that he appreciated the gesture. Or he was thinking about doing something weird to the poor coat later.

I need to remember to make him leave it in here when we come back.

Still ignoring the previous question about where they were going, he drove for several silent minutes before pulling into a crowded parking space. Then he unbuckled his seatbelt and waited.

"Um, are you sure this is where you meant to take me?" David asked hesitantly. "A-are you trying to give me to someone else? I'm not that annoying, right?" He questioned, worry suddenly making his voice a little higher.

Damn people and their overthinking and emotions.

"Just get out, David." George grumbled as he shoved his door open and climbed out, then stalked around the other side and, since David wasn't fast enough, opened the door and tugged him out. He already had a headache brewing, and they weren't even inside the building yet.

Why am I doing this again? George asked himself as he stomped inside, dragging David by his collar until they were sitting at a table. He had noticed that the place served food when he'd pulled David out of it last time.

Glancing at the small menu, he chose a couple things he was interested in, then looked up to see David still standing beside the table, clearly confused considering the wide-eyed look on his face.

"Sit." George grumbled. David did, but he didn't really look at the menu.

Is he broken or something? Come on! I'm trying here! It's a BDSM place and I'm taking you out!

That's what he'd want, right? Why wasn't he looking at the menu? Looking down at his own, he noticed that there wasn't a whole lot besides the basic bar food on it, but that should be okay, right? Food was food as long as it didn't taste like dog turds.

"Um, George?" David mumbled just loud enough to be heard over the music, which was thankfully playing as background noise until later in the night.

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