Out Of Control

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Checking I.D. after I.D. was frustrating when all George could think about were David's stupid words back at the library earlier. Right after he'd managed to get himself under control he'd jumped up, the action forcing David to stumble out of his lap. He'd stomped out of the room with the other man on his heels, leaving their piles of books in the rooms even though he'd wanted to finish the one he'd been reading.

"Hey Georgi boy."

Dammit. Go away.

Glaring at the approaching man, George handed the I.D. he'd been checking back to the under-aged kid in front of him and told him to get lost. The guy opened his mouth to argue that he was likely the person in his fake I.D., but after George turned his glare on the guy, he bolted like a terrified alley cat. When the large man stopped in front of him George forced himself not to bare his teeth.

"Domino. To what do I owe the displeasure of this visit?"

"Just came to take my pet back, I figure he's had enough punishment by now."

The fuck?

George was so shocked by the man's words that he nearly let him slip through the doorway to the club. At the last second he reached forward, grabbing his arm as he yanked him back.

"I don't think so. He doesn't want to see you again, let alone be anything to you. Now I suggest that you leave before the cops are called."

The exasperated look on Domino's face made George give a cocky smirk.

"The hell are you talking about? That guy worships this!" Domino shouted, gesturing to his body like he was some type of god.

"Oh yeah? Well now he worships this." George said with his own cocky tone as he pointed to the side of his head.

"Your brain? The guy's an idiot! All he ever wants is sex and food, not brains!"

The punch just happened. George hadn't meant to do it, or at least he hadn't openly thought about it. The feeling of his fist connecting with the guy's face felt amazing though. That, he couldn't argue. Domino seemed to take it like everything else George had said so far. With a disbelieving, full-of-himself, attitude.

"The hell? You just punched me, you fucking monkey!"


"Come on, I'm bigger than you. I'm at least an ape. And, I haven't fucked him. So that just makes me a normal ape, too."

Domino's mouth opened to say something, but then shut before words were able to be formed.

"Right then, now that we understand what I am, this non-fucking ape is about to beat you senseless if you don't go find another territory to mark. Go on, git goin'." George said, shooing his hand at the man to try and urge him to leave. It had the opposite effect, but George was ready. He wasn't Xena's favorite bouncer for nothing. Domino landed one punch on George's left cheek, then on his second strike he was flipped a full one-hundred and eighty degrees before slamming down to the icy ground. Air rushed out of his lungs, leaving the man laying there, gasping up at George like a suffocating fish.

Since he didn't seem very mobile at that moment, George turned his attention back to checking I.D.s. He got through ten before he heard Domino groan and looked down, seeing the man begin to stagger back to his feet. Wisely, when he finally got up, he decided to turn and stumble away. George didn't take his eyes off of the man until he disappeared around a corner a block away. Once he was gone George returned his attention to his job, doing it exactly as he should until his replacement showed up. As soon as he was free to go he ducked inside the club, heading straight for the kitchen.

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