Moving Forward

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It had been several days since Orion had told Zachary that he wanted to try a second date, but work had gotten ridiculously busy, and then yesterday David had looked half-dead and required a doctor's visit. Today though, finally, the guy looked a good deal better and Zach had finished prep work early. That left them with about five hours until they had to start getting ready for their shifts. Orion was already dressed in a pair of black slacks, a white dress shirt, and surprisingly, his hair tied back. It was barely long enough to make a ponytail, but he was nervous, and when he got nervous he messed with his hair. The only way he'd learned to keep that from happening was to tie it back, out of reach.


Glancing up from his freshly-polished boots, Orion forced himself not to lick his lips at the sight of Zachary in just a pair of easily-removed maroon boxers. Dear god, he could eat him up right there... after tying him up, of course. And putting on a condom. His thoughts added before he mentally chastised himself.

"Would you like to pick out my outfit?"

Grinning, Orion nodded and turned to walk into his closet. He knew judging from the blush on Zach's cheeks that he likely felt like a Ken doll being dressed up by its owner, but he hoped he'd get used it. Heck, even being asked to choose the outfit, even though the guy was embarrassed, made Orion feel amazing.

My Ken doll!

Of course he knew the difference, though sadly, there were some dominants who didn't. As he sifted through the clothing he'd bought for Zach, he thought how much he was going to make the guy's life change. Even more so than he already had. I'll make him never think about that alley ever again. Grinning at the thought, he nodded and walked out of the closet to present Zachary with a pair of black jeans and a slightly worn light blue button-up. Before they headed for the door he tossed Zachary his jacket, then pulled on one of his own black ones and took his hand. "Shall we?"

Zachary grinned up at him and nodded, squeezing Orion's fingers as they walked outside hand in hand. They strode past the car, silently telling Zachary that they were going to somewhere close by. When they walked up to a restaurant only a block away and Orion held the door open, Zachary paused, looking up at the name, then inside.

"This is really fancy..."

Orion grinned and settled his hand against Zach's back to urge him inside. The place was nice, but fancy? Not really. He kept his mouth shut in that matter, however, not wanting to make Zachary feel awkward. It was likely fancy to him, so he let it be just that.

With a content smile Orion stepped up to the hostess and told her his name for his reservation, which he'd made the previous night. She smiled and grabbed two menus, then asked them to follow her. They were seated in the far corner in the back, comfortably away from the noisier groups. The young woman set their menus down and told them that their waiter would be right with them. And he was, in only a moment a man walked over... and seeing him made Orion want to grab Zachary and go somewhere else. Anywhere else.

"Well hello there, Orion." Brendon said with a carefully twisted smile on his face.

Don't react. Don't react.

"Hello, I'd like a Coke. Zachary?" He asked, not bothering to even look at Brendon. Zach seemed to catch the hint and just smiled and requested a Sprite. Since he got no rise from either of them, Brendon thankfully just grumbled and stalked off to fill their drink orders.

Not wanting to dwell on him for a second on his date with his sweetheart, Orion leaned over and pointed out several things on the menu Zachary was starting to go through. "These are really delicious."

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