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Working in the kitchen during actual business hours was intense! Zachary had worked at random fast food restaurants when he was a little younger, but nothing compared to a fully functioning restaurant and bar. The drink glasses were taking a good amount of time, but each time he'd get those clean a load of dishes would come through. He wouldn't complain though, because he was getting paid and even though David bossed him around left and right, what he was told to do was simple and completed in a timely manner.

"Take ten, kid." David said as he finished wit a particularly large order. Zachary smiled and nodded, tossing his dish washing gloves aside and grabbing the plate David had made him while working on the big order. Yeah, he was using one of his free weekly meals already, but Xena said she would need him till early morning to help with cleaning the glasses at the bar, so he couldn't afford to be hungry and accidentally break any of the glass as he washed it.

Grabbing the big plate of chicken Parmesan, he sidled his way up onto a stool left in the kitchen specifically for quick food breaks. He was highly enjoying his, too. "You are a god cook!" Zachary said after finishing a mouthful of chicken.

"Finally someone who understands that I'm too awesome for this mortal realm."

Zachary chuckled along with David as he continued to work on his food. For the next five minutes that's all he was focused on, loving the flavors, and of course, filling his belly. He'd only asked for a half-portion, as he didn't want to accidentally forget his leftovers if he wasn't able to eat everything right away. Wasting food was definitely not okay. When he was just about finished the door to the kitchen swung open, drawing their attention to it. Zachary wasn't sure who the man was that came in, but after a quick glance toward David, he immediately realized who it likely was.

The large man, dressed in head-to-toe black leather, strode right over to David with a sinister smirk on his face. Before either of them could even get a word out the guy was fisting his hands in David's short hair. Judging from the look on David's face, he wasn't interested in the pain, even though the man now claiming his mouth didn't seem to care. What really worried Zachary though, was the flailing of David's hands as he tried to gain purchase somewhere. He's going to burn himself with the things on the stove!

Knowing that he wouldn't be of any use in the situation, considering the guy was easy twice his size, Zach bolted for the door and into a horde of people milling about. The main diners that came for dinner were already heading out or getting ready to party, so he had to be careful and dodge around person after person until he squeezed his way free of the crowd over by the entrance.


The large, surly man turned his attention to Zachary with a slightly raised brow. "Yes, Zachary?"

"There's someone in the kitchen bothering David." He stammered out hurriedly, knowing that George didn't have much patience when it came to holding conversations.

"That is his dominant that just came in, Zachary. They are together and he enjoys being bothered."

With that George turned and began checking ID's again, but Zach knew he couldn't just let it go. "Please George, just go check! David didn't look happy when the guy grabbed his hair and his arms were flailing and he nearly grabbed the hot pans several times!"

Visually getting frustrated, George checked three more ID's before turning to Zachary with a glare. "Fine." He looked behind him and motioned for someone. A young guy who was carrying a platter of empty glasses hurried over. George took the tray and nodded to the line waiting just outside. "Check ID's. I'll be right back."

The guy seemed surprised, but didn't dare argue with the hulking man as he took his spot just outside and began working. That left George to stomp his way through the swarm of people he so highly detested most nights, Zachary hot on his heels. He wasn't a people person. He was a 'get the hell out of my face' person. Which made him perfect for his bouncer job. Pushing into the kitchen doors was a relief to the thundering music and sweaty bodies inside, but what he saw was not what he'd expected. Domino grabbing at David was expected, but when George lowered his gaze to the smaller guy's pant leg, noting the pot already spilled on the floor, he knew that this had already gone too far.

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