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Waking up to the smell of bacon was something completely unfamiliar to Zachary. Well, not exactly unfamiliar because there were a few restaurants close to his alley, but as he sat up and saw the plates set on the nightstand beside him, he knew that he would actually be able to eat what smelled so good. Before assuming and just reaching for one of the mouthwatering plates, Zachary looked around the room. He was a bit confused when he didn't see Orion anywhere.


Surely he had left the food, but then why did he bring two plates if he wasn't going to eat as well? He waited for a few moments before the sound of the closet door opening caught his ears and he turned to see Orion stepping out. Their eyes met immediately and they smiled, but then Zach couldn't help but look at the man's new wardrobe. Gone were his fitted leather pants, replaced with a nice pair of stylish black jeans and a light grey sweater. Both articles hugged his body like a glove, and he'd be lying if he said he wasn't a tad bit jealous for some reason.

"I brought breakfast, go ahead and pick whichever plate you'd like."

Zachary nodded, returning his attention to the plates as his stomach grumbled loudly. Now that he was actually focusing on them, he realized they were actually really different. One had sausage links, bacon, scrambled eggs, two small waffles, and toast with butter and jelly. Odd. The other one had pancakes, sausage patties, bacon, and the same toast with the odd combination of butter and grape jelly. He'd never had toast that way, but that wasn't an issue. He'd eat it even if it tasted funny. However, he didn't want to be the one to choose. It didn't feel right when Orion had made the food and likely paid for it.

Orion sat down beside him on the bed and gently rustled his hair before reaching for the two plates, handing him the one with eggs and waffles on it. "Thank you for asking. I hope you enjoy the meal."

Zach thanked Orion for cooking and in general, for the food, before beginning to dig into his breakfast. Heck, his first breakfast in at least three months. It was heaven right from the beginning, but when Orion produced a small container of syrup and offered it, he would have done something for the guy he'd never consider normally if he didn't have a plate of food in his lap.

Bad thoughts. No!

He nodded, swallowing his mouthful of food as he watched Orion drown his waffles in syrup. Not a millisecond later and Zach was murdering his waffles and laughing maniacally in his head as he consumed ever single morsel.

"Pardon me for this," Orion said, making Zachary look up as he finished chewing his last bite of waffle. When the man's tongue pressed against his chin and began to inch its way up toward his mouth, Zach froze. He didn't move a hair until Orion's tongue tucked back into his mouth right before it was going to meet his lips, though he didn't pull away until he finished mumbling, "Best to lick off the sticky stuff before it dries."

The joke went right over his head, and thankfully Orion let it, likely to be sure he didn't spoil Zachary's appetite with embarrassment. They both finished their food in silence after that. Zach was surprised that he could actually eat everything on his plate, and was even more surprised when he really liked the flavor of the toast.

"Alright, ready to head out?" Orion asked. Zachary nodded, but then paused and slid out of bed to run to the bathroom. He shut the door most of the way, then relieved himself with a sigh. Once that was done he opened the door, but then paused as a toothbrush caught his eye.

"Orion? Do you have an extra toothbrush?"

Orion walked over and dug through a few drawers before pulling out a sealed red toothbrush and handing it over. "Yup."

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