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"Dammit, open wider you little twink!" George growled in frustration as David glared at him. Both of them were already panting. George from anger and David from being a little bastard! "I swear to god I'm going to force it down your throat if you don't start cooperating!"

They'd been at it for nearly five minutes already and George was seriously about to shove the toothbrush down the guy's throat, or up his ass. Whichever got his inside bits cleaner, faster. Ever since David had caught him staring at him several days ago he hadn't let up on the innuendos and continuous jabs! His leg was thankfully healing well and should only need a few more weeks of antibiotics and likely less days of pain killers.

Doesn't look like he's in any pain right now... maybe I should change that with the toothbrush.

Of course he knew that would just likely result in him getting off again, just like he had when George had grabbed his hair too tightly during one of the guy's frustrating pervy joke runs.

"I will take that collar off right now if you don't brush your damn teeth," he finally growled as he held the toothbrush up to David, who was sitting on the bathroom counter by the sink in a pair of dark blue boxers.

Thankfully David finally seemed to give up, grabbing the brush and shoving it in his mouth with a grunt. While he brushed George flossed his own teeth, having already scrubbed them before getting in the hygiene fight with David.

"Why can't we just give each other hand jobs or somethingggg? I know you're interested and I'm more than willing, Master George."

Stop calling me that, dammit.

He wanted to say it aloud, again, but just like the last fifteen times, the command would likely fall on deaf ears. Or selective hearing ears, more likely. If he even came close to uttering a word having to do with undressing, showers, baths, or cooking, the guy would perk up and smile like he'd just given him a puppy. But nope, he heard little else. Thankfully he understood that his hands had to be kept to himself.

"I have no idea what you see in me that would make you want to touch my dick."

That had David stuttering into silence. Thought so.

"Seriously, you need to look for someone you actually want for who they are, not just what they have between their legs or the leather on their chest."

He hunched with each word George said, making the man stand taller. Reassured in his idea. When David still didn't speak, he turned to walk back into his room and get into bed. Normally he'd carry David, but he was pissed so the guy could just walk himself. Or hop.

"I am..."


Turning, George walked back into the dimly lit bathroom and stared down at David with a hard glare.


It took several quiet moments before David finally looked up. Oh no. Don't look at me like that. You know the answer. And stop chewing on your bottom lip. And letting your eyes get all watery. It's not going to work, especially not on me.

"You don't even see it, do you?"

See what?

Instead of speaking George just glared harder and crossed his arms over his chest. Since he obviously wasn't going to get a response yet, David swallowed the lump of worry in his throat and continued.

"Why haven't you made Orion or Xena take care of me?"

George blinked, caught a bit off guard by his random question. It made no sense to him.

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