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After returning to the hotel Zachary hurried to relieve himself first, then darted into the room when Orion slipped into the bathroom to do the same. He knew he was acting weird, but he was excited, curious, and still carrying his food baby, which made him want to just flop over and pass out.

Not yet! He thought eagerly as he dug through the suitcase and tugged out the small item he'd slipped inside before they left. Staring at the handcuffs, Zach licked his lips and felt a well of nerves suddenly creep into his veins. He shoved it aside, however, when he heard Orion's footsteps on the worn carpet, then felt the bed dip right behind him as the man climbed closer. When his chin settled on Zachary's left shoulder, he finally turned his head enough to grin. "H-hey, Orion."

"Hey," he answered gruffly as his strong arms wrapped around Zach's body, tugging him into his lap. Warm fingers slowly slipped beneath his shirt as he got comfortable against Orion's chest, eventually tilting his head so that he could give Orion room to kiss. The man didn't hesitate to take the offer, either. "Those are my favorite," Orion mumbled against his throat as he used his teeth to nip and tug at the soft skin there. Zachary's heart swelled with that knowledge, making him grin before he suddenly felt his shirt slip up and over his head.

Sneaky fingers.

He didn't mind though. Especially because it was Orion. So, when he felt the man's fingers run down his arms to grasp the cuffs, he gladly let them go. Within moments he felt his arms being drawn back, wrists placed together. Then the sound of handcuffs clicking into place echoed in the room as a whisper met his ear. "You're under arrest for theft."

Glancing over his shoulder, Zachary frowned. "Theft?"

Orion nodded, smirking as he glanced down to double check the cuffs. "Yes," He replied, looking back up. "For stealing my heart."

Zachary blinked. Narrowed his eyes. Then rolled them. "You did not just say that." Lifting his eyebrows a few times, Orion chuckled and gently shifted Zach to the blankets. He then made himself at home leaning over him on his elbows, being sure to keep most of his weight off him. Zachary could feel Orion's belly pressing against his own chubby one lightly, making him grin and wiggle. "I feel your baby."

Orion shifted his weight a bit more, moving down so that he could press his lips to the slight rise in Zach's stomach. "If only I could put a real one here..."

Zachary felt his face immediately begin to burn. He moved a little, but the handcuffs easily kept his arms from being of any use. Instead, he was left to try and keep from gasping when Orion began to lick along his lower torso and upper abdomen. His tongue was hot and wet, making Zachary bite back a groan. If Orion asked, he would likely have given him a free pass to go all the way. After what they'd done in the shower, as long as there was protection, he would have gladly accepted the attention. Unfortunately, Orion's phone decided to ring at that moment, snapping both of them out of their fun. Zach could tell by the look in Orion's eyes that he was planning to ignore it, but then thought better of it.

"Cruella de Vil's theme. Xena's ring tone."


Grinning, he slid off of Zach and sat down on the edge of the bed as he grabbed his phone.


Zach could hear Xena rambling on the other side of the line, but what she was saying exactly, was lost to him. That left him having to wait, handcuffed on a bed and awkwardly turned-on. When Orion sighed into the phone a few minutes later, Zachary knew they were done for the night.

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