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The next several days were quite interesting. He had to change his schedule slightly so that he had enough time to study, but also to get to the college campus so that he could take his mid-term proctored exam. He had hoped that it would end up being online, though it had been noted that it would possibly be on campus, but luck hadn't been on his side in that matter. The next day he'd given Zachary a ride to the school to take his own exams. Most of the time when studying, Zach had helped him with his math, while Orion had returned the gesture by helping Zachary's reading improve. Of course, the book they tended to read was the small one he'd given Zach about BDSM, but he could tell that his sweetheart was getting more and more comfortable with the idea of it in general.

Not that we've had much time to try anything again recently. He mumbled to himself in his thoughts as he leaned back, stretching out on their bed. He'll be back soon from his parent's house... Thank god his father is home from the hospital.

Zachary had been much more open with him on that matter recently, which made him much more relaxed about it. Of course, Orion still didn't like the fact that Zachary was using his hard earned money on parents that had pushed him away for being truthful, but he wouldn't intervene again. Zachary was an adult and his choices were his own.


There's my boy.

Sitting up, Orion opened his arms as Zachary darted through the door and after kicking his shoes off, jumped into his open arms. Squeezing him tightly, Orion chuckled, rubbing his back.

"Hey there, Sweetheart." He whispered against Zach's hair, sighing as he smelled his familiar scent.

"Missed you these past few days. Too much work and studying, too little Zachary."

Of course they always slept in the same bed, Zachary cuddled in his arms, but he had missed the young man's smiles and cheerful attitude all the time.

"I've missed you too, Master Orion." Zachary said before looking up and pecking him lightly on the lips.

"I have paid my parent's hospital bill and before I left, I told them not to ask for anything again. That I have my own life and if I wanted to spend my money on anyone that wasn't me, it would be on my boyfriend."

Orion's eyebrows shot up in surprise.

"What did they say in response, Sweetheart?" He murmured as he began to run his fingers through Zachary's hair while still holding him close with his free hand.

"Dad got really mad, saying that it was my responsibility while he was in the hospital, to pay for it. Mom just kind of frowned and blushed. I don't know why she did either, or if she agreed with me or dad, but she had made her choice when her and dad had kicked me out."

Orion nodded and leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to Zach's cheek before leaning back again.

"Yes, she did."

When Zachary just snuggled in against him, Orion allowed his hands to roam along his boyfriend's body. When his fingers settled over his ribs, he frowned and tilted his head slightly. "Zachary? Have you not eaten recently?"

He rarely allowed Zach to go without food, even if he wasn't hungry. The past few days, however, college had taken most of his concentration and time, possibly allowing him to forget to ask or miss seeing him eat. When he felt Zachary tense slightly in his arms, he knew that he had guessed correctly.

"I'm sorry, Master. When I get stressed and eat, my stomach hurts really badly. Dealing with my parents, I didn't want to get a stomach ache or be sick."

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