Don't Be Silly

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Reading. It wasn't his strong point. In fact, it worried him. Zachary kept it to himself, however, because telling Orion wouldn't help either of them. He got comfortable against the pillows by the lamp and opened the book as Orion went back to sleep a few feet away.

Chapter One: Respect and a General Introduction to BDSM

While this book   will introduce   you to   the lifestyle of BDSM, there    are several  different basic aspects    that apply. An understanding   of these   are important    before continuing onto the next   several   chapters...

Zachary went through several pages about trust and being able to communicate well with your submissive or dominant partner. The book mentioned what Orion had already told him, about the possible dangers of not talking to each other when something might be wrong. The chapter was logical and he happily sped through it... or so he thought.

"Mm, good morning, Zachary."

Hearing Orion's voice had Zach looking over at him, then the clock.


I've been reading for almost three hours?

He knew he'd fallen asleep here and there, but to only get one chapter done?

"I forgot to take that leather off of you before bed, comere' sweetheart."

Unable to decline, Zachary folded an ear in the page for the second chapter and then set the book aside so that he could crawl over to Orion. Feeling the man's fingers against his warm skin made Zach fidget, unintentionally drawing Orion's curiosity with a few glances to meet his eyes before the item was finally tugged off over his head.

"There we are. Now then," Orion said as he tossed the leather to the side, then carefully tugged Zachary into his lap. "What's wrong?"

Nothing! He wanted to scream, but the chapter of the book he'd read so far chastised him for even considering the lie. Well, it wasn't technically a lie. Nothing was really wrong, but perhaps, just not as right as he wanted it to be?

"How far did you get in the book, sweetheart?"

Uh oh. Uh, um. Darn it!

"I-I got to the second chapter."

Orion's expression changed for a moment, then was abruptly covered up by a small smile. But Zachary had seen it. The disappointment. He felt his shoulders hunch, but then remembered. I don't have to be perfect. Without a second thought he lifted his head and forced his lower lip to stop trembling.

"I don't read well, b-but I'll finish the book by tonight!"

Orion's smile became honest as he rustled Zach's hair and hugged him to his chest. "Thank you for telling me, Zachary. This may sound rude, but I would honestly like to know if you would like to learn to read better? I would be glad to help you."

Considering Orion's tone, Zachary knew right away that the man wasn't making fun of him for his lack of reading skills. But do I want to be taught by him? He wanted to learn, of course, but he was embarrassed to admit that he needed help. Even so, Orion was offering him something he couldn't get on the streets unless he walked the seven blocks to the library each day... which had been time better spent searching for a job instead of reading books that wouldn't put food into his belly or, someday, a roof over his head.

I have a full belly now and Orion has given me a roof to shield me from the weather.

Steeling himself, Zachary forced his eyes to meet Orion's. "I want to learn how to read better, please."

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