Piece of Cake

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(Zach's song! Bless the Broken Road. This was playing while I was trying to write a happy chapter, darn song >< but the parttt "You've been there and you understand; and god blessed the broken road, that lead me straight to you." So perfect. *hugs Zach*)

"Give me a high five, kid! You saved my butt today," Xena said with a tired smile. Zachary clasped his hand in hers and returned her grin. He was exhausted and covered in all sorts of random food scraps, soap, and water, but at least he'd made his new boss happy. That's all that mattered to him because a shower could and Orion's bed could take care of everything else.

"I'm glad I could be useful."

Xena laughed, then yawned, covering it mostly with a hand. "Alright kid, we're done for the night. Ricki's got more than enough clean glasses to deal with the stragglers at the bar, so get your butt outta here and go do whatever it is you do."

Zach nodded and tossed his disgusting gloves he'd set aside in the trash and headed for the door, only to hear Xena call behind him to "Catch!" He whirled around, lifting his hands just in time to save a cold piece of something from falling to the floor. He glanced at the small container is his hands and opened the lid curiously.


"Enjoy it. It was from my birthday a few days ago but I'm tired of eating cake. If you want, I think Orion should be on his break soon, why not go upstairs and share with him?"

Great idea!

"Thanks! I'll go do that," Zachary said happily as he turned and ran out of the door and up the stairs, hearing Xena laughing behind him. Once on the second floor it was easy to find Orion's room, mainly because there was a huge M on the door for it. While he could hear a few voices inside, he figured it would be fine to just go in since he wasn't dressed half bad. Grabbing the knob, he hesitantly pushed the door open and stepped inside.

The first thing he noticed was that it was much darker inside the room than outside. All of the lights were dim, giving just enough light to make out faces but not details from where he stood. Several women in leather or dresses, sometimes both, were sitting on several large sectional sofas the color of dark red blood or black. Guys were dispersed between them at certain points, but most were sitting at the bar where Zachary quickly noticed Orion making drinks.

"Hey Or---Master!" Zachary called, catching himself when he remembered that Orion didn't use his real name at the club. Of course, he also failed to remember himself, that Orion's name was on his collar. Orion looked up, a grin immediately in place over the forced smile he had been wearing. He quickly held out the drink he'd been making to a young man in tight black leather pants and leather straps around his chest before ducking around the edge of the bar and literally running over to scoop him into his arms.

"Hey sweetheart!" Orion said with a content sigh as he hugged him tight and sighed against his neck before kissing it lightly and leaning back. "How was your first day? Xena didn't run you too raged, did she?"

"Nope! And look!" Zach moved his hand around to his front and showed Orion the container. "She said you would be on break soon and gave me this so maybe we could share it?"

Orion blew out a surprised quiet whistle and turned to walk over to one of the spots on the sofa where there was just enough room for him if Zachary sat on his lap. "Xena must really like you to give you that, she's been guarding the last piece of her double fudge cake for three days under penalty of death."

Wow, really?

"You really saved her butt tonight though, so you deserve it." Orion said before sitting down next to a young man and woman that couldn't stop staring between him and Orion.

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