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(I just realized that this is the 18th chapter of this story. It feels like it's somewhere near the 4th. Where did all the chapters come from? o.o In all honesty, this is probably the most fun I've had with a book, and the first one where I didn't even notice the chapters going by. I normally end my books at 23-26 chapters, but I have a feeling this one has awhile longer to go. Hopefully you guys will stick around... you know, for Zach and David's sake. Just to make sure they're treated well and 'stuff')

"Hey there, sweetheart," Orion said with a light purr to his voice. Zachary had heard him walk into the bathroom, glad that he hadn't been startled by the man's voice.

"Hey Master. Xena and I finished up while you were checking your room so I figured I'd take a shower and rinse off the tomato soup she'd managed to spill on my arms." Thankfully it hadn't gotten onto his new, or well, used, clothing.

"Ah," Orion said, but when he didn't leave Zachary grinned and shook his wet head back and forth before opening the shower door. "Come on, Master."

The grin that lit up the man's face as he quickly tugged off his shorts, boxers, and shirt, made Zachary smile. He backed up so that Orion had space, then calmly settled into his waiting arms once he had the door shut again. "That's my boy, I'm so proud of you for working so hard." He whispered against Zach's hair, making him give a quiet, content hum. Tilting his head up, he welcomed the chaste kiss he knew was coming from Orion.

"Zachary, before our shifts begin in a few hours, would you do me the honor of a... a short date?"

Immediately Orion straightened, his cheeks warming as he glanced sideways at the tile. After knowing the guy for several days, Zach caught the odd stutter and grinned, poking Orion's belly with a playful smile.

"I'd love to, Master."

Orion turned back to him with excitement in his eyes before he scooped Zachary up. "Awesome! I know you'll love it!"

Ah, so he's already got something planned? Zachary thought to himself as he quickly scrubbed at his body while Orion finished with his hair. Since Orion didn't seem to want to actually wash, because he'd already taken a shower earlier, they both got out at the same time and headed to the closet to get dressed. What Zachary saw inside both surprised him and warmed his heart.

He hung up all of my clothing that he bought for me... right next to his own.


Zach looked up with a curious smile, not the least bit worried that he was still standing in front of Orion naked. He trusted the man, so he had no reason to worry.

"May I choose your clothing for the day?"

Considering he wasn't even used to switching his outfit more than once a year, Zachary agreed without a second of hesitation. "Yes please, Master."

Orion set his hand atop Zach's head and then leaned over to steal a quick kiss from his cheek. "Thank you, sweetheart. You make me very happy."

Zachary blushed at his words and followed Orion into the closet, standing quietly until he was handed a pair of dark red boxers, which he slid on immediately. Next, even though he could tell that Orion really wanted to pick out the inappropriate ripped jeans, he handed him a pair of black, form-fitting, but not skinny jeans. The shirt took him a bit longer, eventually ending up with him holding two different choices up to Zachary.

"Which one would you prefer, Zachary?"

Without a second though Zach grabbed the dark red one with black highlights and tugged it up and over his head before pulling on his shoes. "Yeah, definitely the right choice." Orion mused before he got himself dressed in a pair of blue boxers, worn blue jeans, a dark red tank top, and his normal pair of black boots. Zachary liked the outfit, a lot. It wasn't Orion's normal leather by any means, but the jeans hugged him in all the right places and the tank top was a perfect offset. Without really thinking his words through, Zachary said. "You are very handsome."

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