The Start

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So warm...

Zachary opened his eyes slowly, looking around but seeing nothing but darkness.

"Don't worry, sweetheart. I've got you."

He relaxed hearing Orion's voice, but when he tried to move it felt like something was wrapped around his ankles and wrists.

"What's going on? Orion?" He asked, voice quaking slightly from nervousness.

"You know, sweetheart. You're mine now. You let me put a collar on you, so now we're going to get down, to business, and very dirty."

Jerking upright, Zachary searched the dim room, realizing immediately that he had just been dreaming. Panting heavily, he forced himself to begin taking deep, slow breaths. When his eyes finally landed on Orion, passed out on his back beside him, he let the rest of his panic slip away.

Just a bad dream. He wouldn't do that.

As he worked on calming down, Zachary lifted his left hand to tug at the collar fastened around his neck. It was well-fitted, but not uncomfortable.

I have a collar on.

It was a funny thought at first, but when he remembered that it had Orion's real name on it, not just an M, he grinned. He still didn't know much about the lifestyle, but it meant so much more to him to have a collar with Orion's real name on it instead of just an alias. Glancing sideways, he used the glow from the lamp near the storage door to look down at Orion.

The man was out cold, his upper chest bare, as it looked like the blanket had migrated down to rest around his lower torso.

He must work out a lot. There's no way he got those muscles just from BDSM... I think.

Blushing, Zachary pushed that thought to the back of his mind and instead focused on Orion. His lips were slightly parted, allowing a near-mute snore to escape every few seconds. It was a cute sound coming from such a big guy. If he had to guess, he'd put Orion near one-ninety or two hundred pounds, but not a single bit of it was fat. That much he was sure of. 

Just to check...

He reached down, pressing his fingers against the faint indentations in Orion's skin that the leather had left from earlier. It was already beginning to return to normal, but that didn't stop Zachary from getting lost in tracing them along the man's skin. When he finished with all of the indents he could see on Orion's belly, he switched to the arm he had folded overtop the blanket. Apparently the leather that had been wrapped there had been done a little tighter, and Zachary easily found the lines with his fingertips. He was just finishing near Orion's wrist when it slowly began to turn, the hand opening before its fingers wrapped around his own gently.

"Hey there, sweetheart."

Orion's words were nearly silent in the dark room, but they still drew Zachary's attention like a little moth to a big flame. Without even thinking about it, Zach scooted against him until their hips pressed together, then laid down. Orion's right arm came around him, helping him turn onto his side. Their bodies fit together nearly perfectly, and likely would be one hundred percent if he gained a couple pounds.

"Sorry for waking you." Zachary whispered as he let his eyes slide closed. His head was settled atop Orion's right shoulder, his taught muscle surprisingly comfortable. The man's arm tightened slightly around him as a chuckle reverberated through his chest.

"Waking up to you touching me? I don't think I mind."

The joking tone in his voice made Zach grunt and turn to face away from him, but Orion didn't let him get away with it for long. He didn't pull him back against him, but instead rolled his body on top of Zach's.

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