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"This is ridiculous," George mumbled as he gently ran a soaped-up washcloth along David's injured leg. He was used to helping clean the guy, but just his leg? Either he needed help or he didn't! If he could wash the rest of his body, why couldn't he get his leg now, too? Not to mention, his other orders for the morning had been to give him a hug, a kiss on the cheek, and to tell him a positive memory from his childhood.

Why the hell would a few nice gestures and a three minute story about my dead dog Ferfy make any sense to a dominant?

He honestly thought the first order would be sex, followed by cooking, and then more sex. Possibly while cooking. Yet it was already almost ten in the morning and they were just dicking around in the bathtub! Granted, he didn't have his dick out, nor would he even if ordered, nor was he in the bathtub but they were seriously just wasting time taking so long with David's bath.

"Okay, I think I'm done. Thank you for helping, George." David said as he leaned forward and pulled the plug, then carefully got to his feet as the water began to drain. Knowing that the fool was likely to slip, George carefully helped lift the guy from the tub, then handed him a towel before stepping past him. He still had to shower so as David got busy drying himself, George yanked the curtain shut and stripped, tossing his clothing out onto the floor before he got busy cleaning himself. As he enjoyed the cool water he heard David moving about in the bedroom, likely pulling on clothing. What he didn't expect, however, was the sound of footsteps moving back into the bathroom and up to the curtain. His hands stilled from working conditioner from his hair, his heart jumping with anticipation. Then he heard the most awkward, hesitant, nervous voice he'd ever heard stumble out as a sentence with so many stutters that he could barely make out what David was saying.

"L-let m-m-me l-look..."

Shaking his head, George got back to washing as he replied with a no-nonsense tone.


There was quiet for a moment before he heard a few steps moving away from the shower.
Figuring that David had retreated, he rinsed off, then tugged the curtain aside a few feet after turning off the water, only to frown when he saw David holding the only towel in the bathroom. Well, hiding behind it sounded more appropriate. When he didn't immediately hand over the towel, either, and his cheeks just lit up, George knew what he wanted to do.

Some dominant.

Forcing himself not to snatch the towel out of the idiot's hands, George stepped out of the bathtub onto the soft mat beside it.

"Well? Get on with it." He growled. The second the words left his mouth David's eyes lip up and as he jumped forward, the towel lowering, he could also see the guy's disturbingly wide smile of excitement.

His hands were careful but thorough as they gently skimmed the towel over every inch of his front. Normally George would just scrub the rough item down his arms, legs, front, back, between his legs, then a quick tussle of hair and be done with it. David, however, made the towel almost feel brand new... not the three years of age and roughness he knew it to be. The most surprising thing about it though, was the fact that even when David moved to dry off his privates, he didn't hesitate, but he also didn't dwell on them. He gently tapped and rubbed at the water droplets until the area was clean, then swiftly moved lower to get his legs, then feet.

When he finished his front George looked down to see David staring up at him like a puppy begging for a treat. Except he had a feeling that the treat would be him turning around so that he could dry the back half of his body. It was so weird. He just couldn't grasp how anyone could be so eager to just dry someone else off. Anyone can dry their own body, yet David had eagerness and hope shining like a beacon in his eyes wanting to do it for him.

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