I'll Be Here

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(Awesome cover fanart by MayaDemonAngel)

Zachary was incredibly confused. Not from the kiss, he thought Orion might just try it eventually, but what part of a kiss equaled dessert? He couldn't wrap his mind around the idea of a person being something similar to cake.

Cake is far better than most people. I'm not sweet, either.

His eyes widened slightly in understanding as he figured out what Orion meant.

"You called that dessert because the chicken was sweet, right?"

Orion stared at him for a long, quiet moment before he slowly nodded and began eating his portion of food. If Zachary didn't know better, he'd think that his guess had been right, but it was obvious Orion was rolling his eyes on the inside.

Oh well. Maybe I am just that sweet. He thought optimistically.


Looking up, Zachary barely had enough time to open his mouth before an egg roll was shoved between his teeth. He was so stunned that he actually forgot to chew and just sat there, staring at Orion until the man snickered. "Chew, Zachary."


He chewed, once.


He chewed a second time, getting an actual eye roll from Orion when he stopped right away.

"Chew three times."

Zachary did as told, trying his best to hold back a grin. It was obvious now that he was just messing with Orion, but he couldn't help himself. It was fun!

"I see how it is. Fine. Lick it."

As soon as Orion said that he seemed to realize an obvious fact that would make his try at getting back at Zachary by embarrassing him, null.

"Yeah yeah. I know your tongue is in your mouth."

He knew exactly what Zachary was thinking... likely because the guy was trying so hard to keep himself from bursting out laughing. After a moment he had to take the egg roll out of his mouth so that he could breathe without choking on it.

Err. Drooled a bit.

Lifting the egg roll back up, he quickly lapped at the two lines of drool that had escaped his mouth when he removed it, then bit the top to finally start eating the food.

"You torture me." Orion mumbled, drawing Zach's attention back across the table. He wasn't sure what else he'd done to bother the guy, but obviously it wasn't that bad since he was still sitting there eating his food at a content pace.

"I try my best," Zachary said anyways, flashing a toothy grin before finishing off his egg roll. He nibbled at whatever else Orion decided to put in front of him, or really, in his mouth, until all of the food was completely gone and his stomach was the fullest it had ever been.

"Alright you, let's get going. We still have to stop by the grocery store."

Zachary gave him an are you serious? look.

"You never go to a grocery store hungry."

Unless you're me.

Zach smirked, making Orion frown before getting up and reaching over. Soon Zachary was being tugged out of the restaurant, Orion tossing their garbage into the can by the door. Instead of walking to the grocery store they headed back to the car. Zachary waited obediently for Orion to get his door, knowing that the man would want to. After he slid in he got his seat belt buckled, then waited for Orion to get in and get them on their way. The store was only a few blocks away though, so the ride was short and silent, both of them content with their own thoughts. When Orion got the car parked, Zachary expected him to get out and walk around to help him out, but instead of even opening his own door, he turned to him with a cautious smile.

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