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"Wake up," George grumbled as he shook David's shoulder roughly. The guy slept like a rock even without his pain meds, which had run out two days ago. He hadn't asked for anymore, so hopefully he was getting close to the end of his healing. Unfortunately, he had an appointment coming up in an hour or so and he was still in bed!

"Get up you lazy bastard or I'll shove the last piece of my cake up your ass."

Yes, he'd eaten almost an entire cake in a week... but it was a damn good cake. Almost too good to waste on David's ass, but he was seriously losing his patience. It had been in the fridge since it was made, too, so it would definitely wake him up nicely.

"...I'd rather have a different kind of frosting in there."

Knowing that he was about to lose his shit, George grabbed David and tossed him over his shoulder, ignoring the guy's pained yelp before he put him down in the shower and turned on the cold water. He then slapped a fresh washcloth in his hand and grumbled out "You have eight minutes," then turned and stomped back into his room.

If David hadn't been able to stand on his own by now George might have just put him in the dish washing sink and dump a bottle of Dawn on his head. Luckily for David, his leg was healed just enough to support a bit of his weight with a limp. He still used the crutches for nearly everything, but in the kitchen and shower he managed without. While the guy cleaned up George got himself dressed. He'd worked a double the night prior so Xena gave him the day off, though he had a feeling it was so that he could take David to his check-up over anything else. That was fine with him. After he brought him back he was going to catch up on the sleep he'd missed yesterday.

Once he was dressed George walked back into the bathroom and held out a towel next to the glass door he'd left partially open in case David accidentally fell. The guy knew exactly what to do when he heard him coming, too, which was nice. He rinsed his hair one last time, then got the water off and carefully hopped into George's arms. After he got the guy over the small raised threshold of the shower George set David down, then quickly began scrubbing his hair before doing a once-over to dry his body. He ignored the slight rise he got from a certain item between the guy's legs, already used to his reaction as he dried him. Once he was done he dropped the towel on David's head and turned to walk over to the bed.

When David hobbled over after setting the towel down on the counter George knelt down, allowing him to grasp his shoulders for balance as he helped him into his boxers, then shorts. When George stood to help him with his shirt David couldn't seem to help but speak. "Why don't you date?"

George paused with the shirt hovering over David's head for a second, then jerked the fabric down with a grunt. "Because people are annoying."

Struggling to pull the shirt down correctly, David shook his head, waiting to speak until the fabric was comfortably over his chest. "You can't think that everyone is annoying. You had a girlfriend or boyfriend before, right? Surely you didn't think they were annoying when you first figured out you liked them?"

When George remained silent and only held out David's crutches, he knew the guy was catching onto him. Unfortunately, he had to walk with him and that gave the guy plenty of time to fire off questions at him.

"Who was your first significant other?"


"How old was she?"

"Old enough."

He sped up, hoping to at least make it clear that he wasn't interested in talking. No such luck.

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