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"George?" David mumbled groggily. He felt faint movement next to him, but not enough to show that the guy had woken up yet. He really didn't want to wake him up, and considered trying to keep quiet through the growing pain, but the medicine had long-since worn off and he was at his limit.

"George, please, it hurts."

That plea, thankfully, managed to get through to the tired man. He sat up, not bothering to cover a huge yawn before getting out of the bed and walking around to grab the bottle of pills that would offer David sweet relief from the pain once more. Except, when George picked up the bottle and opened it, he frowned and poured out the one single pill left.

"I need to go get some more," he said quietly as he headed for the bathroom and got David a cup of water to take the medicine. One pill wouldn't help much, but he was desperate and inhaled it the second he got it and the cup in his hands.

"I'll go get you a refill." George said, drawing David's attention away from the empty paper cup in his hand to the clock on the nightstand, then up to George. "It's really late. I'll be okay until later. You should sleep." 

The guy frowned and leaned over, surprising David as he pressed a hand to his forehead, then slid his fingers down to his cheek. "Are you feeling hot?" He questioned as he let his other hand settle on David's other cheek. The worry in George's eyes was unsettling, making David automatically want to try and break the tension.

"I know you're always a hot hunk of awesome, or whatever, but seriously. It feels like you've got a fever."

Well, he did feel hot, but he'd already gone to the emergency room for his burns, and imposed on George a lot. Asking him to take him to the doctor for a simple fever wasn't something he wanted to do.

"Come on, you. We're going to the ER. They can give you a pain reliever while the doctor checks you out."

The ER for a fever! "Not the ER, I just have a fever. Take me to a walk-in clinic or something."

George didn't look happy, but after a moment of silent thought he nodded and reached down, scooping David up into his arms and straight out the door. While he could walk, David didn't bother arguing with George to put him down. It felt good to be in his arms. Once in George's car David settled in, letting his eyes close as the medicine began to take effect. It wasn't a full dose, so he could definitely still feel the burns, but it did take the edge off of it, and for that, he was grateful.

He had no idea how, but sleep overtook him and he didn't wake up until he felt someone gently shaking his shoulder. It took a good amount of effort to even open his eyes, but when he saw a man leaning over in front of him with a worried look, he forced himself to try and come around more.

"Hey, you scared us. Your friend and I have been trying to wake you up for awhile now."

David blinked, nearly letting his eyes close again as sleep called to him. A gentle squeeze on his shoulder made him push through the clouds in his mind, however, and open his eyes again.

"Can you tell me your name, Sir?" The doctor asked as he began pressing his stethoscope against David's skin as George held up his shirt partway.

"David..." He replied in a hushed whisper before yawning. The doctor nodded and gave a small smile as he stood back up and wrote on a chart. "Can you open your mouth for me please, David?"

He did as told, allowing the doctor to put a thermometer beneath his tongue. It was removed a minute later and set aside so that the doctor could write the temperature down. He then pulled up a seat David hadn't noticed was nearby and took a seat so that they were at eye level.

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