It's Okay

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The evening went well and Zachary returned to their room around one. Of course, he'd slipped into the kitchen to let David know to make George a cake for him, and that he'd pay for the ingredients. The guy had been all smiles, seemingly in his own world. He also had a bit of chocolate sauce on the side of his mouth, but Zach let it be. George would probably get it later, anyways.

Unsure if Orion had returned yet or was still working, Zachary made sure to be quiet as he entered the dark room. When the door clicked shut he turned around, only to feel his face burn. Orion was standing by the bathroom door, naked, his tight leather pants in his hands, as if he were about to toss them aside into the laundry hamper.

"I was just about to rinse off before bed. Would you like to join me, Zachary?"

It took him a moment to form words in his mind to answer, and also to stop staring. Unfortunately, when he tried to voice them, they were mute. Well, so much for saying something sexy to make him smile. Instead, he nodded, walking over as Orion ducked into the bathroom. Once inside he grinned, having predicted correctly that Orion wanted to remove his clothing for him. The man was thorough in his work as he undid buttons and gently pealed away his shirt, pants, then boxers.

There was only a small light plugged into the socket in the bathroom that was on. Just enough light to make sure that they didn't trip or run into things. Also, it was just enough to be able to see each other in the dim bathroom. And right then, Zachary was grateful for the atmosphere. It was dark, quiet, and Orion was staring at him like he was the only thing that mattered.

"Are you okay?" Zach whispered as he felt a palm gently press against his cheek and tilt his head up a little.

Orion seemed to understand that he was asking about everything in general, especially what had happened in the past few days. He smiled sadly and leaned over to press a kiss to Zach's lips before leaning back just enough to speak.

"Xena and I came to an agreement. I got no payment for working tonight as punishment. Also, if it happens again, she will have to let me go if I don't agree to go to rehab. Not because the drug itself is that bad, but because she knows that it will lead me to the deadly ones..."

His voice grew quiet as he finished speaking, leaving out the obvious insinuation that Xena doesn't ever want to have to see him dead. "She really cares about you," Zachary whispered as he pressed his forehead against Orion's and sighed, content.

"Yes. I made a mistake and I'm going to be stronger because of it. Now then... may I tie you up while I wash your beautiful body, Sweetheart?"

Zachary could tell by the slightly tense tone to the man's kind words that he likely needed some type of control, after having lost so much abruptly the other day. He smiled and nodded, honestly okay with whatever the man wanted. He calmly got into the large shower. Orion followed him in quickly, arms reaching around his waist to tug him into a gentle hug. Zachary chuckled quietly, letting Orion pull him back against his chest. He felt a few light kisses press against his neck and gladly tilted his head, giving his master more access.

"I love you," Orion whispered as he tugged him a little closer and began nipping at his skin. As Orion got a little more rough with his affection, Zachary knew that it would leave marks. He didn't mind though. They both had turtlenecks if they needed them.

When Orion finally seemed satisfied that his neck was covered in enough kiss marks he leaned over him, nudging at Zachary with his hips until he was flush against the cold wall. The cool tile forced a shiver down his spine. "Just stay still for a moment, Sweetheart. Then you can squirm as much as you like." That last part was said right next to his ear, making it really hard not to start squirming immediately.

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